17 Merry Ways to Make Money Before Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner, and the stores already have the decorations out, geez.

No worries, there’s still time to make some  Merry Christmas Christmas cash and plenty of time for you to make more money after the holidays are over so you can pay off those financed gifts.  Sigh.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas,  you can still use the tips below to MSM (make some money).

What I’m sharing is good stuff.  I know this because I use or have used these money making ideas, and if not someone close to me has.

So, let’s get crackin’ because Black Friday will be here soon.


Create something but Keep It Simple Stupid. (K.I.S.S).

If you are like my friend Todd, you were born knowing how to make jingle bells ring.  Translation, make extra money creating jobs that previously didn’t exist.

Well, the job titles he uses  (promoter or consultant) exists, but the position didn’t exist until Todd networked himself into a contract.

Todd is a former college athlete who majored in political science so he usually consults or promotes sporting and political events.

True story, Todd  got us both book consultant work and we enjoyed a nice payday.

What job can you create for yourself?  Don’t over complicate things instead keep it simple.

Bulls Bears and the Ballot box


There are hundreds of online platforms where you can make money selling goods or services.  I sell services on Upwork, but my favorite platform to sell my goods and services is on Fiverr.

Say it with me Five-errrrr.   Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, called Gigs.

I’ve been on Fiverr part-time since 2012.  Since that time, I’ve earned over $12,000 selling writing services and digital products. Learn how here.

Not a writer, not a problem.  There are hundreds of  different freelance services you can offer on  hundreds of platforms.


There is a title for a product sampler, it’s called  Brand Ambassador. I’ve been a BA on and off since 2009 working part-time, mostly weekends, seasonal, or one-off jobs.

As a freelance writer, I enjoy product sampling work because it lets me get out of the house and talk to real people not just little characters on my computer screen.

The pay is jolly good as far as side hustles go, and product sampling during the holidays is delightful.  Last year I handed out free samples of chocolate candy. I was treated better than Mrs. Claus.

The best place to find these jobs is on Craigslist under gigs.  You’ll also learn more about companies hiring by networking with other BA’s.

In a good year, you can land 6 or 7 gigs.  Maybe more if you are a youngen’ with model-ish looks, then you can work as a Brand Model.

4)      ONE TIME JOBS 

Essentially, one time jobs are one-off jobs meaning you work the job one time maybe for a day or a couple of days and it ends.

There are a lot of one-off type jobs that pop up on Craigslist’s during the holidays.  Homeowners and caterers search the site for people to work an event or holiday party.

I once found a one-off opportunity that lasted a few days working at a pop-up restaurant during a professional tennis tournament.

These type of jobs generally pay cash the same day.


The  “sharing economy”  means you share your stuff.  You can share your house or your ride.  You can share your boat or  equipment.  You can share just about anything.

Share your house through Airbnb.

I have an uncle who recently turned one of his rental properties into an Airbnb space.  He did this with an empty house, but you can do this with an apartment, a bedroom or a shared room.   My uncle was able to book guest very quickly.

Share your car through Uber or Lyft.

I know several people who are Uber drivers.  From what I hear it takes one or two weeks to registered and then drive into some cash. I also recently learned about Ubereats where you can earn money delivering food.

Chief Side Hustler Nick Loper shares 300 + Peer- to – Peer (sharing economy) marketplaces in his new book.

6)    ONLINE COURSE               

There are a lot of moving parts and work involved in creating an online course and especially so if you do it on your website as opposed to an already established platform.

I chose the latter and created my first class on Skillshare in June 2016, in under 30 days.   Here’s my story.

Here’s my earnings thus far.


Not bad, huh?

7)  PDF (eBook) 

A PDF ebook is not the same as a traditional book.  Think of an eBook as a product for the sake of this blog post.

An eBook product can be just a few short pages and can be created in a weekend. You can begin selling it right away on sites like Fiverr, Amazon, or Gumroad and start earning profits.

I’ve earned thousands of dollars selling eProducts.

For a fast track to creating a PDF product.  Take this free class .

8)   DIGITAL PRODUCT         

Yes, an eBook is a digital product. But there are lots of types of digital products you can create.  Michelle Frost from Mission Mojo is an expert when it comes to teaching people how to get started creating a digital product.  Check out Mission Mojo here.

Also check out this free class on creating “curated” digital products.


There are a ton of Swagbucks – ish sites where you can earn cash or gift cards by entering codes, scanning things, watching videos, downloading apps, etc.

Several bloggers that I respect and follow recommend Swagbucks as a way to earn some extra cash, so perhaps this site is a good place to start.

Since I joined the site a few days ago, I have a bunch of offers to download apps to receive swag points that can be applied towards gift cards or cash.

Since I’m not “down” with downloading apps, I accepted an offer from Swagbucks to visit a site similar to Trip Advisor and enter information for an upcoming trip.

I didn’t have to enter a credit card or any personal information so I tried it and earned some Swags (it’s swagbucks, but Swags sounds cool!).

I’ve yet to really get started on this site so I’ll hold off on sharing more information.  If Swagbucks sounds like your cup of tea, you can sign up here.


People are super busy and need lots of extra help during the holidays and they are more than willing to trade time for money.

My ex-installs Christmas lights and puts up holiday displays for people who can’t or won’t do it.  This job sort of fell into his lap when a neighbor asked if she could pay him to do the work.

Since that time he’s picked up a few more clients doing this type of work.

What Christmas hustle can you create?

Hustle on!


I teach a seasonal nonfiction writing boot camp. 

I have a friend who runs a fitness boot camp.

I have another friend who teaches cooking classes.  He teaches people how to cook and serves them afterwards.

The CEO of Skillshare founded Skillshare by having everyday people teach classes on things they were passionate about, in a workshop setting.   He formerly taught a live  poker class through Eventbrite.


My friend Tracy formerly owned a brick & mortar clothing boutique.  She closed the store and now sells her unique clothing by doing a pop-up boutique at trendy locations in town.

She partners with vendors and rents space to cut cost.

I have another friend who sells gourmet pretzels all year round, but does especially well during the holidays.

13)     SELL ARTSY STUFF ONLINE         

I have several online friends with Etsy stores who sell handmade items.

I have another friend who sells nostalgia items on eBay.

There are lots of sites similar to the above that let you set up shop and sell.

I’m sure there are plenty of shoppers looking for one of a kind or hard to find items during the holiday season.

14)   LOBBY  

Lobbyist jobs are usually year round and go with the ebb and flow of politics. Since the government shuts down during most major holidays so does the work.  However, there’s plenty of time before and after to earn money.

I use the word lobbyist because that’s how I view such a job. But companies that hire use titles like grassroots advocates or outbound customer service reps.

There are several companies that will pay you to work from home and do advocacy for their clients on a variety of topics like the environment and education.

Advocacy work might include writing letters or making phone calls.

While there are many advocacy companies. I discovered a company called New Wave from doing research for this blog post.  I was able to speak with a staffer at New Wave and here’s what I learned.

This company has been around for 5 years and combined the partners have 30 years of advocacy work experience.   They are a bi-partisan group, and if you contract with them, you would not be required to lobby for an issue that makes you uncomfortable.

I included this job in my holiday round-up since most of my friends are passionate writers or work in the community and I believe they would enjoy this type of work.

Currently, New Wave is hiring for work from home Go Team positions that pay $12-$13 hour.


I worked for many years as an Independent Contractor for a Global company that contracts with local companies to conduct on-site research.  My contract duties varied and would include contacting possible study participants, assisting scientist with set-up, assisting study panelist with questionnaire apps on electronic devices.

Research study companies are always looking for gullible research participants. There are certain qualifiers for each study, but if you make the cut these studies pay well.

16) TUTORING        

I usually hate when I read these make extra money holiday list, and bloggers recommend the obvious like babysitting, raking leaves or snow, tutoring.

Like, uh duh.

But seriously these type of job always have and always will put extra money in your pocket.   My friend Kevin is a teacher, and he tutors on the side.


I am not a fan of companies that operate using what I call Multi-level marketing strategies.  Distributors earn money not only from the sales they generate but also from sales from people they recruit.

However, a trustworthy family member swears that  the sun rises on the company she works through and she also rejects that the company is MLM.

Giving this unnamed family member the benefit of the doubt,  I will half-heartedly recommend this option if you are an outgoing person, and like the art of hustle.

I’ve had non-positive experiences with these type of companies, but if you know something I don’t go for it.

There you have it, folks, 17 merry ways to earn some extra cash. Are there pros and cons to each tip listed? Yep!

But if you are  smart and I know you are because you read this post, and if you do your research you are fast on your way to earning extra holiday money.

Happy Holidays!


What way will you use to earn some holiday cash this season?    Do tell in the comment section below. 

Questions, email me at fbk@fbkwrites.com



  • Fantastic suggestions! Always a great topic, especially when most holiday posts are gift guides to encourage spending money, love to see some ideas on how to make that money to spend. In the past I’ve sold craft items and crochet pieces at holiday fairs and taught divination classes. Great ideas.

  • Michelle says:

    Love these suggestions Franki, and especially love that its not all the usual suggestions you see on these kind of lists 😉
    Personally, I love creating digital products! At this time of year I start thinking about creating special promotions for Christmas/thanksgiving around the digital products I already sell…

  • Louise says:

    Brilliant Franki! Some I had seen, but many I hadn’t and you’ve opened a huge avenue of thought for me!! Thanks for that.. 🙂