3 things you probably don’t know about the Amazon KDP pre-order option

By May 10, 2016Amazon Pre-order

 UPDATE 2018

A lot has changed about the Amazon pre-order option since I wrote the original post on Amazon Pre-order in 2015 and updated in 2016.  As an example there is more flexibility than before. Although, there are still things you DON’T want to do because your ability to put books on pre-order will be suspended for one year .

If you have any specific questions about the program email me fbk@fbkwrites.com and I’m happy to answer.

The Amazon pre-order book also needs to be updated, but still, contain helpful content.

FYI:  Below is my latest book on Amazon.


Update May 2016

I put a new book on Amazon’s pre-order in April and discovered that KDP now sends you the below email with the following words in the subject box:

“Action required: your pre-order book is incomplete”

In the email, they write (Confusing, I know):

 Congratulations! Your book “Hugs” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. It is available* for customers to pre-order here.




If you have resubmitted your book, your changes are now live.

Please remember that you are required to provide the final version of your book file by 07/16/2016.

If you do not submit the final version of the book file by this date, you will lose access to pre-order for one year.

Maintaining a positive customer experience is important, and delivering your book on the schedule is required to retain access to pre-order.

Upload the final version of your book file here. Please remember to click on “Submit for pre-order” after uploading your book file.

For more details about pre-orders, check out this page.

Also, you can track the number of pre-orders in the pre-order report.

Take a peek below at other great author resources to help you sell more books:

So, above is the email they send.  They also send more info in the email like tips on how to create your author central profile to each country, etc.

With this latest book, mentioned above my pre-order privileges were suspended.   Long story, really long story.

OK, I’ll make it short.

In my Amazon pre-order book, I write about using Amazon’s pre-order as a motivational tool to get you to write your first or next book.

When I put a different book on pre-order in 2015,  I only had some of the book written.  The rest of the book consisted of  several  blog posts from my travel adventure website that I was going to rewrite and use as part of the book.

Amazon’s book checker determined that part of the manuscript that I submitted was content already on the internet.  It was, as stated it was on my travel adventure website.

I was going to rewrite the posts, turning them into book chapters.  Amazon blocked the content and  my account from using the pre-order option. I had to verify  that I was the owner of the content and blah, blah, blah, they restored my account.

You can turn you blog post into book chapters, but you need to do a drastic rewrite and prove to Amazon that you are the owner of the content.

Now to the post.  3 things you probably don’t know about the Amazon KDP pre-order option 2016

There is pre-order forgiveness

They warn that unpublishing or delaying the release of a book that has been made available for pre-release
will cause you to lose the ability to use the option for one year.  But they offer some flexibility if you don’t meet your deadline, and a reasonable explanation is given. Not the “dog ate my eBook option”, but if you experience some problems uploading your manuscript or something else happens, they will work with you, the first time anyway.

You can tinker with your book up until 3 days before its release

You can make edits or update your book up until 3 days before its release date. So while the final version of your book must be submitted 10 days prior to the scheduled release date, they will allow you to tinker with the book until three days before.
Yay for you there is still time to revise that chapter and have a final edit. However, after the 3rd day, no more tinkering and book goes into the “release me” queue.

The option isn’t perfect

The pre-order option arrived in August 2014, and Amazon is still working out the kinks. I read some nightmarish stories in the KDP forum. One person claimed they released the old draft of her book, although the final draft was submitted. Yikes.

I received a generated response that my book set for pre-release was canceled because I missed the midnight deadline. Missing the deadline was not my fault, as there were problems with uploading. For the record, I’ve uploaded many books, 3 for pre-order and wrote a book on Amazon pre-order.

I contacted Amazon via email, and it took a few days of back and forth communication to get the issued resolved. I ended up having to unpublish and upload another copy of the book. It was a pain in the ass.

All in all the new pre-order option is a fantastic opportunity for indies to partner with Amazon and gain access to a multibillion-dollar distribution network. The option is a privilege and should not be abused.

Have you or will you use Amazon KDP pre-order?