Happy Valentine’s day – Fall in love with writing all over again!

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Un cuore nel cioccolato

How I fell in love with writing all over again

For the record, I’ve never not been in love with writing.  I’ve loved it even if I often didn’t like doing it.

Now, I’m back in love and I LOVE doing it.  I love writing.


The very first thing I want to do in the morning is write.  I spend all my free time as of lately writing.  I just can’t get enough of writing. I’m head over heels in love with writing eBooks.

With screenwriting, you need other people to make it happen.  With playwriting, the same applies.   Opinion writing there are those who do it better.  Article writing, ehhhh.

But writing eBooks – I love it! eBooks are so me. I’ve found my calling.

Here’s some tip to help you fall back in love with writing.

Find your calling.  I started writing short stories as an adult. Next, I moved to Hollywood and on to writing screenplays. I enjoyed writing them but after several years, I became discouraged because they require a lot of people to complete the puzzle.  With an eBook it’s more or less just you.

Reader foreplay.  I no longer get writer’s block and I attribute that to my years as a ghostwriter.  When you are a hired hand, you learn to write fast.  You learn to perform.  Although I’m never blocked anymore, there are times when I’m just not in the mood to write even though I love it.  This is due to exhaustion, busy schedule or whatever. It is during such times that I engage in reader foreplay.

I get out my toys. My toys are books that stimulate my mind.  I read or listen to a book that is along the lines of what I’m writing.  It’s usually the same type of material, and for sure it’s the same tone.  For instance, I’m not going to read a romance novel to write a book about writing and instead, I might read another book on writing, get my point?  Reading foreplay is the cure for exhaustion.  If it’s a really good book, I usually only need to read one page to get turned on to write.  Lol.  I’ve got some real good books in my collection!

Go back and find your biggest writing accomplishment ever and let that inspire you.  I’ve had a couple of writing highlights, but what kicked off my love for writing was winning a book report contest in 6th grade.  I won a tape recorder, which was like winning an iPad or iPhone back then.

Exchange love reads with another writer.  You read their material, they read yours and give them cup half full compliments focusing on what you love about that particular piece of writing and they do the same for you.

Give your writing a makeover.  Go back and find something you’ve written and once loved, tweak the material, update it with a new sexy piece of lingerie – a book cover.

Use the above tips to fall in love all over again.