What will you find here?


In this digital age where shiny new technical things reign supreme, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I’m not a 20 something, or a 30 something or even a 40 something.  OK, I am a 40 + something.

But I’m not some whipper-snapper that was born in the digital age.

The key to surviving as an eBook writer, freelancer, and entrepreneur is that I’ve got the writing stuff figured out, and I work hard and take courses to learn the techy stuff.

I know a lot about book writing in the New Writing and Publishing Universe. On this website, I will frequently share valuable content that helps writers and entrepreneurs.

Every picture tells a story.


Check me out with my easy-writer typewriter that I received for Christmas when I was in the 5th grade. I’m also wearing my Mary Tyler Moore news’s reporter dress. On the right, that’s me 30 something years later, still MADLY in love with writing. Although these days it’s mostly eBook writing and also helping writer’s, write their books.

What’s your story?

Bulls Bears and the Ballot box

At a book signing w/ former Business partner & author friends


With two “FBK Writing Boot Camp” graduates!  I’m the one in the pink FBKwrites t-shirt. Want a t-shirt?


I’m FBK!

A Bush 5

My Afro is indeed crooked, but this cartoon looks nothing like me.

I’m a seasoned writer’s writer – whatever that means – it sounds good.

Let my  mama tell it – since the age of four; I’ve been writing. Well, I don’t remember any of my  literary works from back then, but as early as I can remember I’ve loved writing.

I’m  Franki of the Frankie Johnnie books.

I teach a seasonal Nonfiction Book Writing Boot Camp.

I have a Degree in English and completed the sequential program in writing for Film and Television at UCLA. I also graduated from the Smart Passive income and Entrepreneur on Fire schools of online business.

I have been or currently am a ghostwriter, internet marketer, English tutor, test scorer, ice cream truck driver, a bartender at a golf course, a food demonstrator, a sensory panelist, publicist for a book campaign, a screenplay consultant, a newspaper columnist, a freelance magazine writer, sold timeshares, production assistant, extra on films, a blogger, guest speaker, a secretary, a promoter, and a freelancer.

Some of those titles I scratched off my list a long time ago, but some will be with me forever.

My current focus is on writing, ghostwriting books and eBooks, and teaching online courses.

A Bush 3

This is how my hair looks when I’m not wearing braided hair extensions. I wash my hair with Apple Cider vinegar and a concotion of what’s in my kitchen.

What’s your story, who are you?