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I am a bestselling eBook author of a crowdfunding eBook.  I was quite surprised, honored and thrilled when Amazon KDP slapped the “bestseller” banner on my book.

It’s something that makes you feel good when it happens.

Until you realize that it doesn’t mean jack in some cases, like in the case of my book.

I really can’t remember how many of my little crowdfunding eBooks had sold (it only takes selling five books per day, give or take, to make a bestsellers list in certain categories), when I was bestowed that honor.

It wasn’t many.  To this day, even though I sell a couple of copies of the book each day, at 35 cents profit on a book I sell for 99 cents, it’s small change not worth spending yet.

While there are some people that make a nice living wearing the bestselling crown, and in some cases they make a fortune from writing and selling eBooks, many don’t.

Instead, they write eBooks to establish themselves as an authority in their field or to be used as lead generators.

That’s the strategy I used with my crowdfunding book.  As a lead generator, the book is used to bring me clients that want their crowdfunding campaigns written.  I have had a quite a few inquiries and people hire me to write their campaigns.

At some point, I plan to expand the eBook, clean it up and do all types of stuff to it.   You see, I wrote the book when my goal was to get some eBooks out.  I’m not a schlep, so I do give each project all of me.   And I gave that eBook all of me when it was written too, it’s just that since that time I’ve written more eBooks and more campaigns and learned a lot more things that I want to share.

I digress, and this brings me to another valuable lesson that I hope you will take away from this post in addition to knowing what bestselling author status really means.   You shouldn’t just leave your eBooks/books out in cyberspace and not provide them with maintenance.  I touch on book maintenance in this post here.


Back to “Bestseller status.”  I am honored that the book made the list (earlier, I was just kidding when I said the title did not mean jack)

Honored that it made the list which hasn’t been the case with my other eBooks.  Although in some cases I’ve sold more copies of other books.  The key is getting your book in a category that is not very competitive.  When I put my crowdfunding eBook out, there was not even a crowdfunding category on Amazon.

I am honored that my little eBook continues to be popular in its category and I’m hoping that its success – no matter how small – will rub off on some of my other eBooks.


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ROLL CALL in the comments section.   Are you a bestselling author? Do you wear the crown like me?

If so share the name of the book in the comments section below.