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Does Bknights Book Marketing Promotion Service on Fiverr Still Work in 2017?  (Review)


On any given day, Bknights book promotion service on Fiverr has no short of five hundred (500) and sometimes more orders in its gig queues.  As of this posting Fiverr seller, Bknights has five book marketing service gigs for fiction and nonfiction authors who want to promote their books.

That translates into earnings of $2,000 dollars per day and $730,000 per year. This English Lit major sucks at numbers so somebody, please check my math.

Bknights  offers $5 and $10 gigs on Fiverr  with an option to pay more for express service or additional days.  Fiverr takes $1 from every gig sold and thus $4 is accredited to a seller’s account.

I can’t say for certain that Bknights has 500 + orders 365/24/7 but each time I check-in on the book promotion service,  business is booming.

I’m a former Fiverr seller and buyer, so I’m on the site often.   I have used Bknights on and off since 2012, so I occasionally check-in on Bknight’s service.

(update: not on the site very much anymore, been extremely disappointed with changes at the platform).

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who self-publishes fiction or nonfiction has not asked:

What are some effective ways to promote a book or an eBook?  OR  What marketing strategies are used by authors?  

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who has asked the above questions or something similar – having not been pointed in the direction of  Level 2 Fiverr Seller Bknights.

In case you haven’t heard of Bknights here’s the deal.


From the Gig Page:

We are the number one publishing service for independent authors.  We promote hundreds of books each month for our clients and on Fiverr.  Our email list for our site is now 50,000 active readers and the site averages 5,5000 unique visits a day.  Our readers are looking for free and discounted books {sic}. 

From the Bio:

We are the top rated eBook marketing firm on Fiverr.  We have years of promoting our own works and the works of others.

Exactly who is the “We” in  “B” knights?  What types of books have they written, and are the books successful?

Bknights has been a Fiverr seller since 2012.  To my knowledge, the identity of Bknights  or the “B” Knights  is not known.  Most people assume he’s a he,  but he could very well be she. A group of she’s.

From here on out, I’ll refer to Bknights as she.

Her profile image is of money, which is perfect because she’s making a lot of it.

Cha Ching!

I have ordered her gigs on and off since 2012 and most recently in November 2016. I can attest that it is a professional and well-organized gig that does not seem to produce a lot of paid book sales if any.

Say What?

As an indie author, I realize there are many factors that determine a book’s success. The fact that a lot of authors don’t have success with Bknights service has little to do with the book promotion service.

My opinion is based on the following:

  • Researching Facebook Groups, Forums, Blogs (KBoards, KDP Amazon Community)
  • Randomly following books being promoted by Bknights
  • Online friends and clients who have used the service
  • My personal book experience

Yes, there are Bknights success stories floating around the internet, but just like the failures can’t entirely be blamed on the service, neither can the service take full credit for the successes.

When I used Bknights in November of 2016 (this last time), it was the only book promotion service I used, unlike in the past I used several book promotion services all at once.

Bknights uses an affiliate link for the books, can determine how many of your books sell during the promotion.  I know this because she once told me how many of my books sold.  I think it was two or three during that promotion. That was in 2015.

With this latest promotion in 2016, I sold three books on the day the promotion ran. However, as I am an Amazon affiliate the books sold as a result of my blogging efforts. I was able to trace this back to my affiliate link.

Although Bknights does not offer a revision with the gig, I requested one to inquire why my book description was not included in the promotion as it has been in the past?

She sent this response:

Hello- the api allows us to generate the site- amazon sends us the blurb from your Amazon product page- some blurbs that are formatted in a certain way can cause issues with the api- this might have been what happened with your book- but no problem we will refund this order!

I asked Bknights if she’d consider running my book promotion again and manually inserting a blurb.  Instead, without asking, I was sent a notice to cancel the order.  I obliged and was given a refund.

I also noticed that as I was checking the books that ran for promotions that day that some had the old pricing on them.   One book I mentioned it to Bknights that the incorrect price was showing.  Below is what I sent Bknights.

Finally, you list that GRATITUDE BOOK as being 6.97 but this Kindle version is FREE with such a larger amount being share on that book it might scare others off from getting the free version. This is not my book, just trying to be helpful here.

Bknights did not respond to the above FYI.


When I verify that Bknights is running my book promotion, I usually end up scrolling the site and picking up more books.  It’s the last thing I need since my cyber bookshelf groans under the weight of so many books.

I’m certainly not the only author buying books as I’m checking to see if my book is listed on the correct promotion day.


I mentioned, Bknights is an Amazon affiliate which means when you download a book, whether free or paid, there is an affiliate cookie that follows you for the rest of the day.

Anything you purchase on Amazon for that day, Bknights gets an affiliate commission.

Cha-ching again!


Is the promotion service still worth it in 2018?

For a lucky few, yes.

For FREE downloads of your book, yes, perhaps.

For paid books sales, uh not so much.

Think of this way.  You go into a casino, and you only take what you can afford to lose. Authors might not be making a  killin’, but some of us do OK, and  we can spare $5 or $10.

For many,  that’s a small investment to gamble on a big return.

Bknights is making a killin’, and I sure, I’m not the only author thinkin’ I should go into the book marketing business.

Have you used Bknights book promoting service?  Do tell in the comment section below.