Apparently the judge who coined the phrase believed that prosecutors could get grand juries to do whatever they want them to do. Even indict a ham sandwich.

An internet savvy author who specializes or is connected to someone in book promotion could market a ham sandwich (mediocre book), provided some other things are in place.

Let me pause for a moment and say while this post is specifically geared towards eBook/book promotion (I use the words book and eBook interchangeably), an internet savvy marketer could also successfully promote a crowdfunding campaign, a Udemy course, a blog, article, B2C product or anything else for that matter as easy as a ham sandwich, make it go viral, turning it into a best seller to earn a fat piggly wiggly six figure income.

As a self-published author, ghostwriter, crowdfunding campaign creator, soon to be Udemy instructor, blog & article writer, etc. I have studied the nuts and bolts of marketing for books and other things like those mentioned above which interest me.

Every course I’ve taken, every book, blog or article I’ve read say the same thing in regards to book promotion even if they say it differently.  Below, I will share with you what all sources say are the key to successful book promotion.

Below, I have taken all that I’ve learned, dissected it and added my two cents.

I’m looking forward to applying what I have learned as I move forward with my future projects.  I’m sharing with readers in the hopes they will do the same.

Here are the top tips on how to sell books on Amazon or anywhere else for that matter.

  1. A great book cover can shoot it to the top of best-seller lists. You won’t read anything that discusses book promotion and leaves out the importance of a good cover.

I bet you won’t read anything that discusses book marketing that leaves out the importance of a good cover.  You’ve got to have a stand-out professional looking cover.

Well, then why are there so many crappy covers in the world?  One answer.  Fiverr and DIY cover creators.  Read about it here.

  1. Title, title, title. What’s in a title?   Here’s a nice blog post on titles that sums it up.
  1. Insatiable desires.  I want to be rich, skinnier, happier.  Your book has to touch on what people want and or solve a pain or problem. Yeah, yeah. Read about it here.
  1. Book description, crowdfunding description, Udemy description, blog/article descriptions matter.   Not only do you need a great title, book cover, but you also need a well-written book description.  Read this. 
  1. Book content. The aforementioned four things will only take you so far if your book is not well-written.  There is a long list of reasons as to why book turn out bad.   But if you’ve got all of the above things in place and you’ve written a high-quality book don’t be surprised when book sales begin to pour in.

Here’s to easy ham sandwich, book promotion.