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I was selected to be a part of Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, upcoming book, “Will it Fly?   How to Test your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and money.” (Amazon Book link)

I’m excited to be a part of the book launch team and I’m learning everything I can on how to Plan A Successful Book Launch Campaign.

Yay, I’m team  #WillitFly.

The team is urged to spread the word about the book via social circles.  We were sent a sneak preview of the first chapter. Overwhelmingly team #WillitFly loved the chapter and provided helpful tips for improvement.

However, I was surprised by the amount of feedback that is obviously is no way helpful to Pat as he attempts to launch a Bestselling Book.

UPDATE:  Will It Fly is now a Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

Thus, I wrote the below post.

Dear Book Launch Team:

I have never officially been part of a book launch team, but unofficially I’ve helped launch lots of books.

From reading the comments in the group it seems many have also never been a part of an official book launch team and kinda, sort of, uh… don’t know that they don’t need to be sticklers for grammar  and go bananas over mistakes in a chapter of a book presented as a draft and not the final book.

Below are 7 Dos and Don’ts  for commenting if selected to be a part of a book launch team.

1: Don’t comment on typos or spelling mistakes

If given a chapter to read and are told it’s the final book draft, then heck yeah comments on mistakes.  However, if the launch team’s captain, states that the author is working on final edits of the book, then it is a waste of your time to comment on typos and grammar.

I love the comment below posted by someone in the group.

He is paying top dollar for a crack team of editors, I really don’t think he asked 500 people to help find spelling mistakes (sic).

Amen brother.  We can add more value to the group by not focusing on little mistakes that you can fix later.

When you make revisions to a book, it’s not uncommon for goofy mistakes to appear like uninvited guest.

Throw a stone if it hasn’t happened in your writing?

Certain mistakes like incorrect spelling of a person’s name, street, brand, or an incorrect quote – something like that is worth mentioning.

Being a part of a book launch team is not the same as being a part of a book club group, where the author may be looking for an extra set of eyes on her work before she sends the material to a proofreader or an editor.

2: Don’t do too much smoochie, smooches commenting

I get it, the entrepreneur is a generous person with valuable information so you want to make him feel good.  That’s nice, but how about making him feel good by providing something constructive?

I’m not suggesting that you don’t give praise, but recognize there is a fine line between giving praise and smoochie, smooches..

I’m just saying.

3: Don’t post feedback if you are tired

Tired readers give tired feedback. Period.

When a chapter arrives in your inbox or on the Facebook group’s thread, it’s understandable that you want to earn brownie points and be among the first, if not the first, to read it and provide feedback.

But you might want to hold off reading and critiquing the material until you can do so with a fresh set of eyes.

When I’ve had a long day and have reading to do for a client, despite being on a tight deadline, I won’t read material if I’m exhausted because in doing so it decreases the likelihood that I can give constructive feedback.

A non-rested mind tends not to enjoy a project as much.

4: Do provide Helpful constructive comments

Below is an example of a genuinely helpful comment posted in the group. The only drawback is she may not have read the material on an ideal reading device.

Nice intro and beautiful analogy with the story I the plane! Also great to have the heads –up about what each chapter will do.  I wonder if the energy would flow a little better for the reader if the plane story section was a bit more streamlined – shorter? 

It may be because I read it on the phone, but I was eager for some business inspiration already a bit earlier in the gam (sic).

Nice, constructive and helpful criticism.

5: Do provide thoughtful feedback and proofread your comments

Here’s another great comment made in the group

Love it, can’t wait to read whole book and check my own business ideas with its help. Regarding all the complains about too much depth in certain sections I think we have think of two different type readers. Number one knows the entrepreneur and is interested in all this little information about his family.  Reader number two: is new and simply wants to validate his idea with the help of the book.  For me (reader type one) the in-depth storytelling is entertaining, but for a reader type new to Mr. Wonderful and his podcast so some bits of the storytelling might be a little too much in depth (sic).

Amen brother.

I think this is one of the most helpful comments posted regarding the book. People that follow the entrepreneur and listen to his podcast will recognize in the chapter shared how voice blares through.  But because our book launch team is going to make sure the book hits several best seller lists, more than his fans will read the book and some of the storytelling might not appeal to everyone.

If I were him, I probably would start out with something more profound like, “I’m rich bitch.”  OK, I know that’s not his style but believe he should introduce earlier in the chapter why he is an authority, and we should listen to him. .

6: Do speak your truth

There was a guy that posted in the group (sorry can’t find his comment) stating that he hoped that the guy was writing a 200 plus page business book.  Say what?  I don’t want to read a big thick business book on this subject, and I don’t think I’m alone on this.

But that’s the guy’s truth.  It’s what he wants, and it’s great that he shared it.

Finally, I found this great blog post about Grammar police and I think you guys will get a kick out of it and be better prepared to comment when given a chapter to read.

7: Do help launch the book to the top of Bestseller Book List

Team #WillItFly

FBK is an author who is not a grammar police.   She loves helping authors.  Want her to be a part of your book launch team, or review your book?

Want her to be a part of your book launch team, or review your book?

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  • revel says:

    Good work. Frankie. Especially glad you highlighted the tendency for people to wave pom-poms to earn brownie points. I, too, was disappointed in the lack of thoughtful commentary on the part of members as well as a seeming lack of leadership within the group. If the objective in setting up the group was networking then that will be achieved. If the objective was evaluation of the product, well, since the opening of the group three weeks ago, we’ve only seen the intro and the cover designs that were rejected. If that is the rate, then with just a month before his launch to go and the rest of the book to read through, he will have to do some hard work to convince me that the objective was not the first.

    • FBKwrites says:

      Thanks Revel for your comment. You certainly bring lively conversation to the group. I love it!
      I think his Book Launch team was expecting a more seasoned group that would offer constructive feedback. Instead, there were extremes, those who went over the top with praises, those who ripped the material, and then those who thought we were in third grade grading Little Johnnie’s paper.
      No matter how rich and successful he is, he’s human and I think the comments may have caused him to pull back and that’s why we haven’t gotten any additional chapters.

  • Beth Anne says:

    Everyone needs a cheerleader, so I’m proud to be that in this group. I’m happy to give constructive feedback where it exists, but as you said, he’s human. He needs a few people who will just be that bright, shining spot in a stressful day.

    Waving my neon rainbow pom poms proudly 🙂

    Oh, and I wave them for the little guys too.