Frankie Johnnie is one of the many pen names used by Franki.

She writes books mostly about writing, self-publishing and entrepreneurship.  Her goal is to help you discover your purpose, and mission – the “WHY” for wanting to write your book.


Write Your Nonfiction Book 2017. Includes 37 (Thirty-Seven) Outline Templates



The Nonfiction Outline Book $2.99 (2016)

10 days from now, you can have a Fast First Draft of a Nonfiction book. (c) 2017


Templates (mini-books ) only



FBK is Franki’s nickname.   She writes edgy books on topics to spark healthy conversations.

Apple BW

You don’t have to be a black woman to read this self-help book that gives it to you straight with NO chaser. Sistah-friends (and men) of all hues welcome.



This funny but “real” self-help book drops in Jan, 2018. It’s just a buck and it’s super silly Self-Help.

Write on!