Fakespot Analyzes Amazon Reviews to Spot Frauds

By June 14, 2016Uncategorized


I’m becoming a big Fakespot fan. Fakespot analyzes Amazons reviews and calculates a grade based on a number of criteria.

I am a big Amazon fan.

Amazon, the  largest Internet-based retailer will forever be known to me as the “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.”

Big Book Hug.

Books, Kindle books to be more specific, is the number one reason I shop on Amazon. I also cruise the online retailer to read the best and worst product reviews.

I read the reviews of products I plan to buy, even if I do not plan to buy them on Amazon.

For instance, I needed a good microphone for the courses I currently teach on Skillshare and for the Mega writing course that I will teach on Udemy.

The Blue Yeti microphone came highly recommended by instructors in the Udemy Teach forum.  Forums are a good place to learn about products.

Even still I like to do additional research, and thus, I read Amazon reviews.  It’s through reading reviews that I can determine if a product is a good fit for me.

I prefer driving 10 or 15 minutes to a store and picking up an item as opposed to overnight delivery.  Also, if the product does not arrive in working condition, I can return it right away to the store.

If it were some obscure item that I couldn’t get in my city, I would definitely order it from Amazon.  If it was cheapy item and it didn’t work, or it broke quickly, I probably wouldn’t return it back to Amazon and chalk it up as a lost and never buy from the product distributor again.

But if it’s an item like a Blue Yeti that is important to my online income and I purchased it mainly because of the raving Amazon reviews,  I’d be pissed if most of the reviews were fake. I’d be pissed – pissed.

A $120 dollar mic will not bankrupt me, but it would bankrupt my spirit. As an online entrepreneur and eBook writer, I’ve  got 99 problems, and I don’t want a bogus working product to be one of them.

In regards to fake book reviews – they don’t sit well with me either.   Books that get sales and FAKE reviews trigger Amazon’s algorithm and it just a matter of time that Amazon start’s promoting that book and your book with real reviews gets buried.   Errrrgh.

And along came Fakespot

How does Fakespot work?   Fakespot has an online tool that helps you separate the junk reviews from the real (useful) ones. All you need to do is copy and paste the Amazon link into Fakespot, and it’ll generate a review score.

The tool seeks to determine how many reviews are genuine based on the language skills utilized, profile of the reviewer and some type of computer algorithm.

It’s not perfect tool (runs a bit slow), but it’s a start.  I put it to work on two books.


Pat Flynn’s Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money




Pat gets an “A”grade for both earlier and current reviews.


Chandler Bolt’s Book Launch: How to Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller in Three Months or Less AND Use it to Start and Grow a Six Figure Business




As you’ll see Bolt’s early reviews score was a “D” grade.  But the newest reviews earn him an “A” grade.

Fakespot generates the old review score quickly, but it takes a little while to generate the newer score. Also, it appears that books that don’t have a lot of reviews can’t be analyzed by the tool.

Have you tried Fakespot?  Learn more here.