Grammarly Review – Is the Grammar checker worth it?

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Is the Grammar checker worth it?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer is coming.

Spelling, punctuation, word usage, and grammar mistakes ruin the quality of your content.

I am a writer.  I am an indie author, a blogger, a social media writer, an eBook writer, and a web content creator.  Not only do I write for myself, but I am also a freelancer and ghostwriter.

Wearing so many writing titles means there are some days when I roll out of bed, and I’m writing until I roll back in bed.

It’s like that.

I roll like that.  I write like that.

The majority of my communication with clients is online and written, as in emails and inbox communication.

Because of the large amount of content that I have to create, I would be crazy not to use a proofreading tool that finds writing errors in my writing quickly.

Grammarly is the proofreading checker that I use.

Even if the client hiring me to write, isn’t a writer, they can tell by communication with them if I’m a professional writer.

For example, I’m not a good swimmer, but I can watch someone swim and determine if they are.

You may not write for a living, but having the ability to communicate well in writing is a skill you need to get through school and also progress in your field.

Yes, Grammarly is worth it.

Grammarly can help you on Social Media

Grammarly has an optional, non-intrusive extension that can be added instantly to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari internet browsers and you can immediately start using the tool to correct your sentences while online. The tool is fast and scans the content for errors beyond the basic spell checker already there.

See the tiny green Grammarly icon below the box (bottom,right)?



If you’re like me and many others, you might prefer freestyle expression writing on social media, but even so there are times when you want to write correctly on social platforms.


Just like deals are made at the golf course or the bar, deals come about as a result of casual social media interaction.

I’m in several entrepreneur and writing groups, and I’ve landed work by communicating on those platforms. I also hired a graphic designer and videographer that I met on Facebook.  Not only was their visual work impressive, but the way they communicated in writing on various topics suggested that they would be friendly and professional people to hire for projects.

Your boss, future boss, or someone interested in dating you may check your social media.   This is not to suggest that you have to write stiff and boring, but you don’t want to appear to be an idiot.

Case in point.

We all have seen comments made by people we may or may not know on a site like Facebook and deemed the owner of the words to not be that intelligent.

The other day I posted what I thought was a humorous comment on my cousin’s Facebook post. Apparently my sense of humor wasn’t funny to one of her friends, and she attacked my non-sense of humor.

The interesting thing though was her written attack was so hateful and poorly written that whatever offended her about my attempt at being funny was lost in translation because of the numerous grammar and spelling mistakes in her reply.

I replied back with an apology and asked if she read over what she wrote.  She later edited her post, and also apologized for not reading what I wrote carefully and for attacking me personally in her response.

If her potential boss or even a guy who was checking her out had read her poorly written rant, she might not have gotten the job or the date.

Let me be clear; I’m not saying that I don’t write casually on social media or that I don’t occasionally make a mistake in my  casual writing.

But I know the importance of producing quality content for my clients and the importance of proofreading written communication. Grammarly spots and corrects mistakes you might miss. It’s an extra set of eyes on your work.

It’s hard to catch every mistake.  Even if I could catch everything, I’m often exhausted from writing all day and being on deadline, add that to needing to have something proofread quickly.

Furthermore, I don’t enjoy proofreading, and you probably don’t either.

A chef might like creating delicious dishes, but it doesn’t mean he or she likes cleaning.  That doesn’t mean they cook and never clean up; they probably clean as they go along, but they don’t want to clean the kitchen.

I focus on creating beautiful writing and Grammarly helps me clean the kitchen immediately afterward.

Later after I’m rested this might be a few hours or a few days later, when my mind is fresh and clear I’ll proof material even after I use the Grammarly proofreading tool.   That way if any grammatical errors were mixed in, I can fix them.

I’m the boss of my work. My clients don’t hire Grammarly; they hire me.

Grammarly will help you whether you are a writer or someone who just needs to write something from time to time and isn’t that everyone?

But you should still check your work after Grammarly does because you are the boss of it.

Is Grammarly legit?

Yes.  Yes. Yes.   I tried a free trial of Grammarly a few years back, and I didn’t have a good experience with the product or customer service.   Then late last year a few of my writing & entrepreneur friends started bragging about Grammarly.

I was skeptical because I had been there and done that. But I needed help because I was swamped with work and needed material proofread fast.   I was paying proofreaders to read 1,000 words for $5 through various online sites, and that was becoming costly. You might be chasing down family members or friends to proofread your work and that’s time-consuming.

I gave Grammarly another chance, and I’m glad I did. Not only is Grammarly software way better than before, but the customer service is also great too!   I’ve only used customer service twice since getting the program.    Once was when I first got started, and the 2nd time was when I decided to write this blog post.  I wanted to check how fast they would respond and if they answered my question.   I’ve bought stuff from companies where you get some generic answer over the phone or through and email and that doesn’t answer your question.   It’s frustrating.

I’m glad I haven’t needed Grammarly customer service like I did when I purchased it the first time.  That would mean that I was having problems with the program, and I am not. The program is working smoothly.

Not only is Grammarly legitimate, but it also makes sure freelance writers who you might hire to write for you, or your business is legit too. Just about everybody from entrepreneurs to companies outsource writing.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a way to check that the writing you outsource is not plagiarized as the tool checks over 8 million websites.

Is Grammarly premium worth it?

Heck yes. When I purchased Grammarly this second time around I wanted to be sure it would be a good investment.  Before buying the premium version I tried the free version.

The number one reason the limited free version didn’t work for me is because it does not integrate with Microsoft Word.   To check your document, you have to cut and paste it into your free Grammarly account.  Then cut and paste or download the work back to Word.

Aint nobody got time for that!

With the premium version, you use it as a Word add-on. The green Grammarly logo sits right on your toolbar. When you are ready to check your document, you simply click it.

Other reasons it’s worth it:

It checks more advanced mistakes

It checks 100 +  more mistakes than the free version

It’s got the plagiarism checker

It makes vocabulary enhancements

It checks genre specific writing styles

(General, Academic, Business, Technical, Medical, Creative, Casual)

  • Academic
  • General academic
  • Report
  • Essay
  • Case study
  • Book/literature review
  • Research proposal
  • Research results
  • Dissertation
  • Admission letter
  • Business
  • General business
  • Business letter
  • Business email
  • Memo
  • Report
  • Proposal
  • Article or blog post
  • Ad/website copy/website content
  • Technical
  • General technical
  • End user assistance document
  • Marketing document
  • Technical document
  • Medical
  • General medical
  • Educational writing
  • Regulatory writing
  • Creative
  • General creative
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Novel
  • Script
  • Short story
  • Casual
  • General casual
  • Personal blog post
  • Personal email

Side note: I personally keep the tab on the General default

It’s got the extension where you can check your writing for errors while writing on the web.

How accurate is Grammarly?

It’s very accurate. But that does not mean you should make every change it suggests. For example, it sometimes suggests that you do not use a passive voice with certain verbs and that suggestion is not the most accurate.

It also suggests that you spell out numbers under 10 (zero through 9).  I bought eight books from Amazon.

I have various reason sometimes when I’m writing not to spell out number (regardless of the rule), and so I skip the suggestions.

If Grammarly suggests you correct something, it’s a one-click process to correct, change, or learn why it suggest the correction.  It’s a very easy process, and if you’ve ever used Word spell checker, you’ll easily know how to navigate with Grammarly.

From my experience the majority of what it suggests you change is correct.  If it asks you to change something and you don’t understand, simply click for the pop-up explanation.

And if the pop-up explanation is still not clear skip it too.

For the few and far between little things that Grammarly might suggest you change that you don’t get understand – check other resources for clarity.

Trust me the majority of suggested changes it makes will be beneficial.

Does Grammarly work?

Grammarly is not an automatic editing tool and can’t replace a human editor. But it will greatly improve your written work.

If your job requires you to produce written communication, get the program.

If you write stuff no matter how frequently and you have to chase family members or friends down to help you proof, get the program.

It works.

I recently got the internet browser add-on, and I’ve only used it a few times just to see how it works.   If I find myself using it more frequently, I’ll update this post on the pros and cons of using it.

Quick update:  I’ve been using the extension and find it helpful.  Sometimes it gets in the way on social media, but no worries if it gets in your way simply click the green icon and it will disappear.  If you need it again, click and it will reappear.

Grammarly vs. Word

I love Word. I use it every day and all day. Word is a word processing system that checks spelling.

Grammarly is more accurate grammar checker. Now that I have Grammarly, I don’t even use Word.  In the beginning, I was running material through Word’s spell checker and Grammarly, but there’s no need to do that.

Word can’t find half the stuff that Grammarly does.  Even the free version of Grammarly can find more mistakes than Word.

Grammarly complaints

It makes Microsoft Word shut down a second or two slower.  But if writing isn’t your profession you probably don’t have several Word documents of several thousand words open 24/7.

I can’t say for certain if Grammarly causes my Word to shut down 2 or 3 seconds slower but it didn’t start happening until I got the software program.

As mentioned earlier, Grammarly does occasionally shoot off some false positives. It will suggest you correct something you don’t want to correct. As previously mentioned, you can easily skip the suggestion.

Even after checking my material through Grammarly, I proof it.  As I stated earlier my clients don’t pay Grammarly; they pay me. Your boss or instructor won’t give Grammarly a promotion or grade it will give you one.

Grammarly Cost

You can try the free version, or they have a monthly, quarterly and annual cost.  You can learn more here.

Grammarly is safe to use and will help you level up your life.

Give Grammarly a try and let me know what you think.


Disclosure: Please understand that some links on this website are affiliate links, and no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase one of the products below. Everything that was chosen because I have used it myself and find them beneficial to my readers. But make sure you make your own judgment before purchasing.