“Help! My eBook isn’t selling. How Can I Sell More Books?”


To some of you that don’t know selling your book on Amazon at the price point of 99 cents to 2.99 is a very common pricing strategy used by everyone from bestselling authors to those who are just getting started.

People sell their books at such at a low price for a variety of different reasons.  A big reason for doing so is lead generation.

As an example, John Lee Dumas, founder & host (along w/Queen Kate) of EOFire a top ranked business podcast which brings in a whopping quarter of a million dollars a month (read that again), has sold his popular Podcast Launch book on Amazon for 99 cents.

JLD makes some money from selling the book, but the real money comes in book customers who turn into products and services customers.

The goal is to give value in the form of a book to those with that budget and to offer additional services away from Amazon for those with bigger budgets.

Back to the question…

Why isn’t my eBook selling, it’s only 99 cents?

That’s a question I, FBK,  wanted answered a few years back when I wrote my first couple of eBooks and published them on Amazon KDP with the goals of teaching people how to write and market books.  I set the price for each eBook at the sweet price point of 99 cents and later raised the price to $2.99.

I’ve been a writer my entire life or let my mama tell it since I was four years old, but I was new to eBook writing and self-publishing.  I was listening to internet marketers and the so-called eBook gurus who made it seem like you could write a short eBook in a matter days, get a Fiverr book cover made, publish it, and the sales would go through the roof.

I look back on the books I wrote, several of which I’ve since pulled from Amazon’s virtual bookshelf.

They weren’t perfect by any means adorned with garish; cheap book covers, poorly edited, but well researched, and written in the alter ego “Frankie Johnnie”  wickedly humorous style. The books were as good, and in some cases better than the competitors.

But the books didn’t sell.  So, I pulled the books, edited them, updated the covers, and made them better, and learned a few more marketing techniques and the books begin to sell – not sell a ton, but they sell.

Back then I assumed that at least one million of the millions of customers with credit cards on file with Amazon, would beat down the door and purchase my eBooks.

I was so convinced that this would happen, that I sent an e-card to Amazon thanking them for allowing me to market my eBooks for free on their powerful platform to their customers.

What Amazon didn’t mention in the “Thank you” email that they sent to me after I published my eBooks,  is that they also sent an automatic response email to the 600,000 authors who published books that year.

That sucks.

Books that Sell are created using an OUTLINE. Learn the “Thick Paragraphs” outlining process in this book. Includes 50 outlines

J.F Wayne book isn’t selling

His book cookbook below was  99 cents and now 2.99, and it’s not selling.

Click the Book That is Not Selling


Here’s what he posted in the KDP community forum.

A full week now. No sales, no kindle unlimited royalties, nothing.
I’ve tried just about everything. I’ve worked hard and fixed every problem with the book.
Createspace has yet to upload its version of the book since I was so late getting around to that.

Isn’t 99 cents a bargain for a 50 recipe collection?
Going down to 99 cents is just asking for trouble. I’m not going there.

But I’m still not selling anything. This is frustrating. Just what is going on here?

Should I move on with my beverage recipe book and whatever follows, or just keep on writing my epic novel and forget working with amazon for a while? (sic)

As of this writing, his post has received 1890 views and over 100 comments.

Tips to help J.F. Wayne’s book sell

Update the cover

The cover is bad. Been there done that and in the great words of Michelangelo, “I am still learning.”

Nothing about the turkey on this cover makes me want to eat it.

Fix typos on the first page

Kindle books don’t have page numbers but what appears to be the first page has typos. Uh, been there and done that too.

Make the words come alive

The writing does not jump out at you. The writer needs to engage in what I call a “reader foreplay.” He should review cookbooks and magazine articles that are written so delightfully they make your mouth water.


The first recipe in the book seems like it would turn chicken into something delightful, but where is the picture? There are no pictures in the book.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I understand that including pictures would be quite expensive to do in an Amazon book, come on????

Book Description

The book description needs a rewrite. (Many of writers, my hand up, can relate to struggling with book descriptions)

The description should sell the book and give us a taste (pun intended) of what we will discover inside.

I wish J.F. Wayne  much success with his cookbook which has a great title.

As an author and ghostwriter, I know how much work goes into creating a cookbook.

This author includes 50 recipes in his book and he needs to be commended for his effort, improve the book, increase the cost because of the vaule recipes he is providing.


Would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment below.  Do you sell books on Amazon, why or why not?

What other tips can you give for people who aren’t selling any or many books? Here’s a good TIP.