How to get some Book sales & reviews during the Holidays?

By December 17, 2014Uncategorized

How to get some #Book sales & reviews during the Holidays?

Grandma and Grandpa

Long Lost Uncle So-and-So and Aunt Only-At-Holidays are throwing a big family party. People will come from out of town to attend and packed in their luggage will be electronic devices (iPad, Kindle, laptop and of course a phone).

Guess what all of these devices have in common? You can use them to buy and read books. Gimme one good reason why every single person, including kids – if your book is appropriate – should not purchase a copy of your book at the holiday party?

In lieu of a gift, tell family members and friends that you want book sales and reviews. You don’t want a bath set or a tin of popcorn, you want reviews.

Do you agree #writers & #authors?