How To use Facebook Advertising To Market Your Book

By December 15, 2014Uncategorized

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Yes I am a fan of free marketing – who isn’t – and I use social media, blogging and old school tactics. In fact most of my book sales are through time consuming grassroots efforts for which I am slowly seeing results.

I am now ready to take my marketing to the next level and try paid advertising for my books on Facebook which is scary because my preliminary research indicates that people who have tried it have had dismal results.

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Nick Unsworth and Valerie Shoopman’s book, “The Book on Facebook Marketing To Help Set Your Business & Life on Fire.” The first part of the book is Unsworth sharing life lessons on the mistakes made on unsuccessful business advertising.

The 2nd half of the book is Shoopman sharing her expertise on Facebook advertising. She acknowledges that while Facebook has made many improvements, navigating the social media site is still challenging.

Last week I paid to boosts a few posts which is different from Facebook’s unpaid way to boosts a post. Boosting a post is paid advertising. Although I read that it’s not called advertising. I spent a few bucks here and there to the tune of 20 bucks boosting posts.

According to Facebook thousands upon thousands of people saw my post but it yielded very little results except for a few people that I didn’t know liking the post (not the page). Since I get daily sales of my book, I’m not sure if the boosted posts generated any book sales.

I’ve read boosting a post is a waste of time and perhaps that’s true. There are a few things I could have done differently. I could have boosted a nicer post. In the post I boosted part of the picture was cut off. Nope I didn’t follow the 20% text rule and 1200 x 128 pixel guideline so as you can imagine my post looked like hot messes, although the wording was solid. After a while FaceBook disapproved the post.

Since I half assed did it, I got half assed results.

Finally, I gave into Facebook’s offer for help. I filled out a questionnaire on the site and then called the number they provided. No one picked up, and instead I got a voice mail asking me to leave a number. I reluctantly did and a few days later a fast talking guy called me back. On the call, I was thinking here we go, what large expensive package does he want to sell me?

Turns out he didn’t want to sell me anything. He took some information from me and stated that an ad specialist would be in touch, oh here we go, I thought. A lady called and I’m thinking what does she want to sell me? She asked me a few questions concerning my advertising goals and we have a telephone appointment set for this Tuesday at which time she will walk me though completing my first ad for free. For free.

Of course, I have to pay for the ad but I can set the budget and for how long. So, I’m going to test out $5 until Christmas so that comes up to 60 bucks. (FYI: I can stop the ad at any time).

What I’m hoping? I’m hoping like hell I don’t lose any more money.

Did I mention that I also invested $39 bucks to get a couple of pictures for the ads created. I hope the pictures turn out well (side note: just heard from guy I hired and he does not think he will have the pix before Tuesday. Yep, I know you get what you pay for).

I was told by Facebook that I could use pixlr to edit a lifestyle photo that I already have, or shuttestock to get a stock photo. I don’t want to spend anymore time on pixlr, tried it and there’s this learning curve thingy. And, I’m not a fan of stock photos.

I spent the weekend learning more about Facebook advertising and looking at ads. I’m excited and ready to launch an official ad Tuesday, with the help of the Facebook specialist.

I’ll report back to the website with the results.