How To Write A Book: The Secret to a Super- Fast First Draft

Here’s the deal on why you want to write a book starting with a Fast First Draft.

Over the years working with hundreds of people and helping them with the book writing process, it’s almost always the case that the faster they write the first draft increases their chances of finishing the book.

It’s human nature to lose interest in a project when life gets hectic, or you feel stalled.  The faster one can pound out the first draft often produces the needed momentum to finish the book.

It’s perfectly doable to complete a book draft in 10 days or less.

When I run a seasonal book writing boot camp participants complete a book draft in 10 days or less.   I then take them from draft to completion in 10 weeks.

The amount of time to complete a book draft is different for each book writer and depends on several factors like book length.

One problem I repeatedly see from people who want to write nonfiction book is that they make it more complicated than it has to be.

Before I dive into the heart of what that process looks like I’ll share that this post is for those who want to write a nonfiction book in the new writing and digital publishing universe and those who have an idea for a nonfiction book.

I don’t teach choosing a topic because most people that want to write a book or want it ghostwritten, already have an idea percolating inside of them.

The idea might not be fully developed, or they have a lot of ideas for books, and they don’t know where to start and need a book consultation.

Don’t dismiss a book consultation because it can help you answer questions that might otherwise take you days or months to research.

To write a nonfiction book fast, you simply need to do four things:

  • Give your book a title.
  • Write a sentence (or more if you like) that describes your book
  • Pick a target audience
  • Pick a Nonfiction Book Structure

Although each step is important to your book, don’t let the lack of a perfect response keep you from writing something down.  Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

It took me all of two minutes to type information about a pretend book on a software generated sticky note

The next step is to create an outline which is the crucial component to a Fast First Draft which then becomes your passport to a finished book.

Don’t worry you don’t need a BIG BAD OUTLINE that crushes your creativity and there is no “right” way to outline.

You can create a simple book outline by coming up with 7-10 chapter ideas.

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Title

Chapter Three: Title

Chapter Four: Title

Chapter Five: Title

Chapter Six: Title

Thick paragraphs.

Chapter Seven: Title

Chapter Eight: Title

Chapter Nine: Title

Chapter 10: Conclusion

A solid outline unlocks the key to a Fast First Draft.

Your Fast First Draft and does not have to be perfect.  You know what’s better than perfect?  Done is better than perfect.

There will be plenty of time later to get it perfect by doing revisions. It’s OK if this draft isn’t the best draft ever!  The first draft isn’t your last draft, and with later drafts, you can make revisions.

How fast do you plan to write your book draft?  And here’s to writing best selling books.