How to Write an Amazon Book Description (Headline) That Sells

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The book description is way more important than most authors realize. My author hand goes up, to be included in this bunch. Amazon only displays about the first few lines of your book description, meaning you have about four sentences to grab your reader’s attention enough to click the “Read More” feature and find out more.

I recently took a look at the Book Hook (hey that rhymes) of one of my eBooks and saw that I could do a better job. I spent about an hour writing ten book headlines.

Did I improve my book headline?  Ehhhh, you can read the headlines for yourself.  And or check out the YouTube video that shares the book headline hook that I started with.  After you read them – I challenge you to do the same.

REWRITE YOUR BOOK DESCRIPTION (HEADLINE) 10 TIMES. Don’t spend more than an hour doing so. 



FYI: Frankie Johnnie is one of the many pen names I use

  1. HOW long have you been planning to write your book? Wouldn’t it be fantastic, if you could create a book outline that makes the book feel as if it’s practically writing itself? By combining a basic book outline with Frankie Johnnie’s revolutionary thick-paragraphs book outline process, you’ll discover that outlining isn’t so bad after all.
  2. WOULDN’T it be awesome if you could create a book outline that makes it feel like your book is practically writing itself? Frankie Johnnie created hundreds of outlines working as a freelancer before she discovered outlining does not have to make you hate your book before you start writing it.
  3. WORKING as a freelancer Frankie Johnnie has written nearly 1,000 book outlines. By combining a basic outline with what she calls a thick-paragraphs book outline, she turns what could be a tortuous process into a pleasure writing experience.
  4. Frankie Johnnie can’t sing.  She can’t dance. She can’t cook. But she can create a d*mn good book outline. As a freelancer, she has written nearly one thousand book outlines, by combining a simple book outline with what she calls thick paragraphs, making the book feel as if it can write itself.
  5. ACCORDING to Malcolm Gladwell it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. It took Frankie Johnnie creating 1,000 book outlines, and pulling out countless strings of hair to master a book outlining process that is simple, fun, and nothing like the boring way you learned to create an outline in school.
  6. WHAT happens when you give yourself permission to unlearn the boring book outline process you learned in high school, and discover Frankie’s super-easy book outline process which turns the  basic book outline into a creative thick paragraphs outline, that makes the book fun to write.
  7. CREATING a book outline should not be as painful as removing wisdom teeth. Forget about the boring was Mrs. So and So taught you to create a book outline in school. You’re an adult now and there are new and exciting ways to create an outline for your book.
  8. HOW are you going to write a book if you don’t first create a book outline?  No, not the big, bad boring outline for yesteryear. Discover how to create an easy – breezy outline from a freelancer who has created over 1,000 book outlines.
  9. IS this the year you are finally going to write your book? Or will you continue making excuses and getting stuck because you did not create a book outline, because you didn’t want to risk hating your book, before starting to write? Good News: This book shares 12 outline templates to help you create an outline and then write an amazing book.
  10. ARE you struggling to finish that already started book, but find yourself stuck because you did not create a book outline? Do you wish there was a way to easily create a book outline that would then produce an amazing book?  Look no further because Frankie Johnnie is a freelancer and inside this book she shares the simple process she uses to easily create a solidly structure book outline.

Your turn.  Set the clock for one hour and Take the Book Hook Challenge. I double dare you to do it. 

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