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Hello Kindle Samurai, Goodbye SEO Kindle Software.   Do not buy this Kindle Keyword Software without reading this review.


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I bought Kindle Samurai on November 30th around 9:30 am ish.  I have a reason for mentioning the date and time that I’ll share in a bit.  I bought it after reading a blog post that Dave over at Kindlepreneur (a source I trust), wrote.

Like many self-published entrepreneurs, my book marketing budget is tight having most recently wasted hundreds of dollars on book promotion. I realize, there are no guarantees that any book marketing software will work because there are many factors that determine success like how well you write the book.

I figured spending another $27.00 on a software program that promises organic book sales in a matter of hours was a smart investment.  Not to mention the creator of the software tossed in several bonuses: an online cover editor, a Kindle eBook Generator (whatever that is), 40 Kindle cover templates (can’t unzip), complete video course publishing system (whatever that is).

To sweeten the pot, Dave tosses in a bonus book titled, the Kindle Samurai Keyword Hunting Bible.

Aside, from Dave’s book the other bonuses aren’t anything I immediately, if ever, will need.  But as a book consultant, the bonuses may be perks that I can use later to help clients

Buying the program seemed like a sweet deal – but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


I’m not claiming that Kindle Samurai does not work (Dave would never recommend a product that he had not personally tested and found useful).

My claim in not that it does not work, but that I can’t get it to work. After purchasing the product, I was emailed a password and product key number to log into my account.

I logged in and didn’t see anywhere for me to enter the product key information.  That seemed strange but after wasting a good amount of time trying to figure out where to enter the product key, I clicked the download button. The product began to download, although I hadn’t entered any information or found a place to do so.

After the download was complete, I received an error message.  Something like, unable to execute the file, create process failed, code 740.  The requested operation requires elevation.

Oh, Geez it’s probably because I didn’t enter the product key number, but oh geez there was no obvious place to do so.

 I searched again and still couldn’t locate a place to enter the product number, so I downloaded the software a second time hoping, this time, it would load properly.  I received the same error message.

I’m frustrated. There is an email to contact the program’s creator. Also, Dave told me to let him know if I needed his help (Dave stands by his recommendations and he always willing to help Kindle authors). But I don’t want to bother him yet as he’s relocating.

Before I reach out to one or both, I take a breath and go to the gym.


I feel rejuvenated and energized to troubleshoot the problem before I contact the owner or ask Dave for help.

Things I must figure out:

Why I’ve gotten the error message?

Why despite the error message the icon for the program is on the computer and I can pull up the software.  But each time I do so, it asks if I give the program permission to make changes to my computer (properly downloaded software would not ask that each time).

I click yes, and the program app appears on my computer.  I type in keywords using instructions from Dave’s bonus book. No words populate in the system.  I try it again.  I close down the program, and repeat the process several times; nothing happens.

I do the following things: 

I go back to the sales page from where I bought the program and clicked the help/tutorial button.

The tutorial is the sales video for the program.  It irks me that the sales page is also the tutorial.

If it sounds too good to be true.

Under the “tutorial” sales video is another dim and hard to understand video of the programs creator explaining that you need to import Google AdWords. How the “Sam Hill” does he expect me to import it if I can’t even get the program to work? I’m wondering if I need to do the import to make the program work.

I spend a few minutes tinkering around in Google.  It is easier to understand then Kindle Samurai and populates keywords based on words put in at no cost. I’m wondering why I have not used this free program, and also if I even need Kindle Samurai.

Being fair towards Ariel Sanders (Bauer) Kindle Samurai program creator, he does admit that if you have time you can figure out how to choose the correct keywords for your project.  The key word is if you “have time”.  I don’t have time, and I’ll tell you why in just a bit.

Kindle Samurai supposedly saves you time as it gives you what you need in a matter of minutes as opposed to you spending hours or days searching.  I’m not sure how much time it saves when you factor in the deep learning curve.

Dave’s book is very helpful as it explains how to use the program – but it’s not good for me since I can’t get the program to work.

This book is FREE. Click for details.


Don’t you just love forums?  I Google Kindle Samurai is not working, and I click on a KBoards link.

A lot of forum commenters’ reviews of Kindle Samurai are negative.  In response to the unkind comments, the program’s creator Ariel Sanders (Bauer) jumps on the forum and touts the wonders of his program.

That is until someone rips him a new one for not revealing he created the program and stood to profit directly from sales.

This brings me to my earlier comment about the date and time I purchased the product.   Two hours after purchasing the product, I was inundated with daily, repeat, spamming emails.  Every day and every couple of hours, I was receiving offers to buy more products.

I kept a  record of the numerous offers.

Nov 30     (11:00 am)                Buy Kindle sales velocity system

Nov 30   (5:39 pm)                    Buy Rocket system

Nov 30   (1:41 am)                     Buy Idea generator  (7 pm ish)

12/ 1    10:49 am                         Buy 8 hr. bestseller

12/ 1                                             Buy Kindle cash (didn’t catch the times before I deleted the email)

12/ 1                                           Buy Kindle cash

12/ 1                                          Buy Word Press plugin

12/ 1                                          Buy landing page

12/2 8:22 am                           Buy 1000 Premium stock pictures

12/2 11:39 am                         Buy 8 hr bestseller

12/2 5:20 pm                           Buy 1000 Premium stock pictures

12/2                                          Buy Kindle Cash again

I unsubscribed from the email list.  After I had unsubscribed, I continued to receive emails for another day or two because apparently I was without my permission placed on two of his emails lists.

I made the requests to unsubscribe again.

A teachable business moment. It would have been nice if the first email I received after purchasing the product was to ask how the program was working. It would benefit both program creator and myself as I would give important product feedback.

Perhaps Kindle Samurai creator should create a list of FAQs (troubleshooting questions) to send out with the program.  The program needs a major tweak.

If I was sold me a good program and that’s yet to be determined, I would have no problem considering other offers.  I still would not like to receive emails every two hours, but at least, I would consider buying products.

He clearly recognizes with me he was hit a gold mine and landed his ideal customer, someone who writes Kindle books and is interested book publishing products.

Just a simple follow-up email asking how the program works, and I would not be writing a two-thousand word post review on the product not working,

Sanders should read this post on treating email subscribers how they want to be treated.  As I stated, I will reach out to Sanders or Dave at Kindlepreneur, but first, I want to troubleshoot as not to waste either of their time.


One person mentioned in the review forum that since he upgraded to Windows 10, his Kindle Samurai software no longer works.  I use Windows 10.

I pull out an older laptop that I believe has Windows 7.  With this computer, I can download the program and enter the product key.   I am repeatedly asked if the program has permission to make changes to my computer.  I enter keywords, and others are populated even if it takes a long time.   I think the problem may be that the program does not work with Window 10.


In between writing this post that is a necessary component of how my brain works to figure things out, and troubleshooting, I’ve used about 6 hours of time.

I’m going to uninstall the program from my computer (both copies and once again attempt to install it, making 100% certain that there is no way to enter the product key.

If the problem is the fact that it does not work on Windows 10, then the product is of no use to me.

I’m not going to use an old laptop just to have access to that program.  And in regards to the other bonuses (again they aren’t needed and here’s the kicker, it’s stating that I need an unzip program to unzip the files).

Finally, I’m going to send this post to the owner as it explains the problem. Hopefully, he can help.   If not the program isn’t for me because I’m running out of time.  I need to figure out what keywords my competitor is using to crush my book.

My competitor’s book.

My book.

tale of two FB size


UPDATE:   A New Year and a new opportunity to see if I can figure out how Kindle Samurai works.  It does not.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE:  It’s Jan 20, 2016. I heard from Kindle Samurai program creator.  He sent me what appeared to be a strange link to repair the software.  The link  (had I installed it, gave the creator permission to take control of my computer).  I did not install the suspicious looking link.   Also, I see that  KS has lowered the price and changed the bonus items that he gives away for those who purchase the software program.

What keyword tools/software do you use?  Do tell in the comment section below.

UPDATE: MARCH 2017.  Program never worked, customer service issues with developer never resolved.


  • john says:

    I try kindle Samurai and is great!
    Sorry, but You don’t know how to use it

    • FBKwrites says:

      Hi, John. I’m glad Kindle Samurai works great for you. It does not work for myself and many other people who discuss this program in numerous forums.