My dream invitation from Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn #WillitFly

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I'm a fly Girl


My dream invitation sent from Pat Flynn team, also known as Daniel Decker.

The welcome email read:


You have been selected to be part of Pat Flynn’s Launch Team for “Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money.”

So it is official I’m a part of the #Will It Fly book launch team.


As a book consultant,  eBook author and Brand Ambassador Extraordinaire, for various products, I know how important a launch is for pretty much anything – whether it’s a book, an online course, a service or product.

One thing is certain #booklaunchteammatters

This is the first time I’ve been an official part of a book launch team, but unofficially I’ve helped promote hundreds of books for fellow authors, clients and myself.

Again, it wasn’t anything official just an author or friend or client who asked…hey you think you can help spread the word about my book.  I usually help by writing a book review and spreading the word on social media.

Many books (and not just the ones from people I know or have worked with) don’t make a splash – they don’t take off (no pun intended).   They don’t sell and no one has heard about them.

This is because of various reasons.  In many cases it’s not because the book isn’t good, it’s because they don’t launch big enough.


Your family and friends buying your book and telling someone about it is helpful, but it’s usually not enough.  The book’s success will depend on what’s in your arsenal pack.

Resources – books are a product and book promotion is a business.   In what business don’t you need money?  Do you have the resources needed to promote your book?

Time – If you don’t have a lot of resources are you willing to sacrifice your time for book promotion? This might be through guest blogging, guest commenting, helping other others promote their book, building relationships and a million other things.

Powerful email list – the only way you are going to get people on your email list is if you offer them value

Pat Flynn has spent years offering listeners free content of value to help grow their business.

So when listeners of the Smart Passive Income podcast get an email asking if we want to be part of a book launch team, we don’t ask how much pay we’ll get (we’ve already received payment in the form of  free content), we practically beg to be picked.  Pick me!  Ooh pick me!

(Side note: I think everyone that applied got picked, but who cares).


When a book debuts BIG, it sends shock waves through online sites like Amazon’s algorithms, through the blog and social media world, through media outlets and podcast planets, and from people lips to people’s ears aka word of mouth – A big enough launch means that you have “gone hard and don’t have to pack your book up and go home.”

The effects of a successful launch will turn your book into the gift that keeps on giving.


I expect my efforts along with the others on the book launch will send Pat’s book to several best sellers lists. I want to pay Pat back for the free business college education that listening to his podcast has given me.  My undergraduate degree is in English Lit, but I also have a business degree for Smart Passive income school.

Being a part of the team will allow me to meet authors and others who I can build relationships with. I want to help other author’s books land on best-seller lists.  I want other authors to help me land my books on best seller lists.

I’m reminded of Zig Ziglar’s quote, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I’m excited to be a part of the team.  I’m a fly girl!

Have you ever been selected to be a part of a book launch team?


FBK  (Frankie Johnnie)