My New Year’s Resolution is to Unsubscribe to email lists

By December 21, 2014Uncategorized


My New Year’s Resolution. Unsubscribe to email lists. Up until a few days ago, I was on way too many email lists.

I was on James Altucher’s email list (Choose yourself).
I was on Ramit Seth’s email list. (I will teach you how to be rich).
I was on Noah Kagan’s email list (OkDork).
I was on Derek Doepker’s email list (Kindle Bestseller Secrets).

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on. I unsubscribed from all emails except two or three. I’m still on John Lee Dumas’ EntrepreneuronFire and Valerie Burton’s (Get unstuck. Be Unstoppable) email lists. I think I’m still subscribed to Pat Flynn’s (SPI) email lists.

Unsubscribing to an email list or staying on an email list is not about me no longer being a fan of someone’s work. I’m still a fan of everyone that I mentioned and many more that I didn’t mention.
But my email groans under the pressure of unopened emails. They just wouldn’t stop coming so I had to unfriend – unsubscribe to them. I stayed on Dumas’ list because I rarely get any from him, and Burton sends scheduled emails. Not sure how Flynn does it because I think I signed up, but don’t get the emails.

When time permits, I still visit the sites that I unsubscribed too. It drives me batty when I visit and see those pop up boxes dangling free gifts, and asking me to sign up. I can’t accept another free gift. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I have too many free guides reports, and videos that I’ve never accessed.

Partly, why I stayed on the list for so long was because I felt a sense of obligation. I received something for free and the cost of receiving the “free” gift was to continue receive emails. Finally, months or years later I decided that I’ve taken enough punishment for the freebie and I no longer have to accept emails. I feel a sense of relief.

It puzzles me that a piece of advice that is dished out to writers and entrepreneurs is to build an email lists for marketing your book or products. I’ve received a few emails from readers of the Frankie Johnnie books. But I don’t add these people to a lists.

The advice to build a list goes something like this. You offer something of value for free like an eBook or video tutorial in exchange for their email address. Next, or before doing so you set up auto responders which are automatic emails that allow you to keep in touch with the person and send more useful info until eventually you become a trusted source of useful information – and then you can start marketing them your books or products.
Yikes. Yikes Yikes.

Thousands if not millions of authors and business owners are clawing for email addresses. Don’t they know that 90% of emails aren’t opened these days? And that people hate the “overwhelmity” of email.

Sending emails as a way to promote your book or business is a method that is close to falling into the advertising death bed alongside bulky bright yellow telephone books, direct mail via snail mail, telemarketing cold calls and other forms of advertisement that once worked until those markets became too crowded causing consumer burn out.

I’m burnt out aren’t you? How many email lists are you on and do you feel overwhelmed?