My one star review on Amazon

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Why did my book get a one star review and what can you do about it?

I’ll tell you what later, but for now onward with this post.

(April 2017.  Bulk of this post has been removed.  Will update soon.)


Amazon one star review


Have you received a one star review and been paTROLLED on?

Here’s what to do about a 1 star review:

Report the review to Amazon. If it’s a hate-filled rant they will remove the review or have the reviewer revise it. My reviewer revised his review and now it has completely disappeared.

Comment on the review. There is a place under the review where you can comment on a review. With your comment defend your book intelligently. This serves a couple of purposes. It demonstrates that you can write, because 9 out of 10 reviews attack the writing. It allows you re pitch your book. Essentially you are telling readers why they should read your book and ignore the comment.
(A word of advice. If anything in the review is valid, pull your book and fix it and the resubmit.)

Rally your supporters. No one likes people attacking authors they support. Have your supporters post an honest review if they haven’t already. If they haven’t, the nasty review might prompt them to do so.

What other suggestion would you give to authors who get one star reviews?