New Year & New book promotion Strategy using Facebook Ads

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New Year Resolution

In my last post, I shared that I would start using Facebook advertising as a strategy to promote my eBooks.

Previously, I have been using unpaid strategies that help sell eBooks each day. Like many of you authors, I’ve got lofty goals to sell thousands if not millions of books. But I recognize that you have to crawl before you skip walking and fly!

That’s right 5 or 6 book sales per day will soon turn into millions. Millions, ya hear! Forgive me, I use the words books or eBooks interchangeably.

Previous book marketing strategies used and written about in eBooks work, but as we sail into 2015 I’m ready try different marketing strategies like Facebook advertising.

After all. I’m a daredevil.

FBK falling of bull images FB ad

If you are ready to challenge yourself as well, here are some tips to help you along your journey.

Spend time learning Facebook. Some or many may already know how to use Facebook socially, but using it as a business is an entirely different ball game. If you don’t already have a business page than create one specifically for your book or product.

I spent a work week whenever I had a free minute learning everything I could about Facebook for business. I read information on the site and elsewhere. Next, I dedicated an entire weekend to learning Facebook advertising. It’s a lot. I felt “overwhelmity” a word I made and first used in this book.

Set up a free appointment with a Facebook specialist. I did and found it really helpful. Facebook allows a one-time free offer of a 45 minute consultation. At the end of the consultation you will create an ad and set a budget. You can set a budget where you will only spend $5 per day. Rest assured that you can cancel the ad at any time and it’s really simple to do so on your own.

No jumping through hoops.

Canceling an ad is not like the gym memberships of yesteryear when you had to get a note from your doctor, write a letter to the gym, give a 30 day notice, hold up a sign outside the gym that read, “I quit.” Joking. If you don’t like the results of your ad, simply stop it with one slide of a button.

Set a budget and start running ads. I did! Thus far I’ve spent about $75.00 and no I haven’t seen anything fantastic happen but I do see movement. Meaning, I’m getting page and posts likes, sharing and engagement.

Movement is better than?

You guessed it.

No movement.

Side note: Many blogs that I read by some of the big guys and girls in the industry offer advice and tips to #writers & #authors that really don’t take into account that there is a such thing as a starving artist.

They advise if believe in yourself then you must invest in yourself and I totally agree. Problem is the majority of starving artist are well…ummmm, starving. So that’s why I recommend investing time – although I recognize that many are starving for time too. Then when you start to see the fruits of your labor of time, start investing money.

I invested my time and my Christmas gift money! What are you willing to invest to make your dreams of becoming a bestselling author happen?

If you check back with this blog, I will update you once per week on how Facebook advertising is working for my books.

Chat soon.

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