Outside the Box: Jason SurfrApp

By October 27, 2014Uncategorized

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Really enjoyed episode 131 of Smart Passive income (SPI) podcast. It was called Creating Creativity: Success Outside of the Box with Jason SurfrApp.

Prior to listening to the podcast I’d never heard of Jason SurfrApp formerly Jason Sadler. After listening to the podcast, I’ll never forget the guy. What an amazing story of creativity!

As a creative person, I relate to his message of Think Outside of the Box thinking because creativity is how you survive if you don’t have a marketing budget.

Otherwise how do you keep up with the big boys and girls with websites so fly they look like online mansions.

Here’s my latest outside the box project.

There are millions of books on Amazon that tell you how to market and sell your eBooks.

But there are only 50 (seriously, I don’t know the exact # but I do know that there aren’t many that show you how to market your book over the holidays.

Eat your heart out Timothy!

FYI Here’s to link to the podcast.