Skillshare Review 2016

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Hi, Readers.

How would you respond to this email that I received from someone named Jackson stating that the Skillshare online learning platform is a Ponzi scheme?

I completed the May Teach Challenge on Skillshare.   It was one of the best experiences going into the summer.

Two short months and seven classes later one of my classes landed in the top slot on Skillshare out of the 7,000 classes on the online learning site. I went from a couple of hundred students and earning a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand students and earning a couple of thousand dollars per month.

I learned the marketing strategies on Skillshare that work – and I’m so freakin’ in love with Skillshare right now that I wrote a Mega Blog Post and an eBook about what I call the beautiful Island of Skillshare.  In the eBook, I play a Skillshare Tour Guide. I also share the Pros and Cons of teaching on Skillshare.

How would you respond this the below email?  Do tell in the comment section at the end.

Is he/she “hatin’ on” the beloved Skillshare?  Or if you think not, please explain.

If you are in love with Skillshare like I am, Do tell in the comment section at the end.









Skillshare success.

**UPDATE:  Skillshare payment model change in 2017**


  • hrm interesting. Many of my friends and family have wondered the same thing to me aloud. I always say to them, “Well, the company is probably investing into themselves right now (running into the negative probably) in order to see a huge return later.” Most companies lose money their first 2-3 years in business. Skillshare is just trying to build their platform right now so they can be formidable against their competition, like Udemy. I suspect, for example, that sometime soon, the Teach Challenge will go away (as they give $100 to anyone who publishes their first class), and they are probably just trying to increase the number of classes they have available in order to interest new Premium members. Every company has to start somewhere. Yes, they are taking a risk, and the risk might not pay off, but you can’t make any “real” money without taking a risk.

    Like Franki, I am also in love with Skillshare. While I haven’t seen the returns that Franki has (yet!), I believe they will come. Franki has been way more active with publishing classes than I have due to time restraints, and my classes are more geared toward the specific person who wants to learn WordPress to build a new website. However, I do believe in Skillshare, and it is definitely not a Ponzi scheme.

  • FBKwrites says:

    Hi, Darlene.
    I agree Skillshare is the REAL DEAL.

    I agree companies have to start somewhere.

    I’d say Skillshare started pretty dang good.