****Please note that I chose this simple designed website for my blogging needs and it works. However you might have different needs for your business and thus there are thousands upon thousands of themes to choose from.***

Readers & Consumers expect writers or businesses that are serious about doing business to have a website.


An author (even if your book is not yet published) > You need a website!

You are a poet or comedian > You need a website!

An attorney > You need a website!

A beauty/or barber shop owner > You need a website!

Own a little boutique fashion store > You need a website!

Own a child care center > You need a website!

Own any kind of business > You need a website!

If you bake pies and cakes and sell them from your kitchen > You need a website!

So who needs a website?

Everybody needs a website
Still not convinced? Check out more reasons:

To answer frequently asked questions
How much time do you spend on the phone or in person giving out information? Directions, your hours, services and products you carry. A website could be your trusted assistant handling trivia information.

People will look for you online
Sooner or later someone’s going to type your name or business into a search engine. If you don’t have a website then there search will end in the online yellow pages, or a review site. Yikes

Websites are the Ultimate Sales brochure
Just ask your competition because they have one. Whether you own a small business, restaurant, child care center, sell pies or cakes, or eBooks – websites are like brochures and they tell potential customers everything they need to know.

You’re open 24/7
A website allows your business, organization or church to be open 24/7. You probably answer the same questions for potential customers every day, all day. “What are your opening hours?” “How much do you charge?” “What is a cost?” Potential buyers can find this information on your website.

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Feel free to compare prices with any of the bigger webhosting companies. They want your house, car, and kidney.

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i Page offer is great for two primary reasons:

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Ready? Let’s do this, let’s get your website up and running today.