Crowdfunding can save your business, non-profit, product, project or take it to the next level.

Here at FBKwrites the  number one goal is to provide helpful content to writers and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the topics blogged about will encourage writers and entrepreneurs to make things happen.

One way that a writer or entrepreneur can live thier dream is by launching a crowdfunding campaign online.

Maybe you need funding to start a small business, or maybe you need money to revamp/upgrade your restaurant, or maybe you need funds to self-publish your book.

Whatever you want to do, there is a crowdfunding site out there for you. While each site offers their own unique spin on how it works, the general concept is the same across the board.


Karen bakes awesome pies in her kitchen that she sells during the holidays and by request. Her pies are so good that they would make you slap your mama. If she had a bigger kitchen or access to a commercial one, updated baking equipment and a website, she could grow her business. As it stands, she can barely afford to purchase ingredients for the pies, let along anything else. (great project for Indiegogo or Kickstarter).

Crowdfund to save/take your business to next level.

Dante has a great restaurant but lately business has been slow.  He believes if he expands the menu and the seating space business will scale.

Crowdfund to pursue your passion.

FBK is a writer and she wants to self-publish her latest book. She wishes to raise the funds that will allow her to carve out some time to write. (great for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Publush campaign sites).

I recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign that was a complete failure, but let me explain why it was a success campaign. To cut through the double talk, it was a success because I launched, landed, .and learned some do’s and don’ts along the way.


Here are some do’s and don’ts and some successful ingredients to add to a crowdfunding campaign.

You are off to a good start by reading this post and doing research. However launching a crowdfunding campaign requires more learning of the ins and outs. In addition, you must study unsuccessful and successful crowdfunding campaigns to determine what you can do to increase your chances of success and decrease your chances of failure.

It takes hard work
Successful campaign owners put in hundreds of hours of work before and after they launch. Running a crowd funding campaign requires hard work and dedication similar to what is needed for a political campaign. You must be prepared to work 24/7/365 during your campaign.

Offer impact
A project that offers a benefit to society or one that makes a difference ups its chances of getting backers.

Offer perks
Donors love perks, especially tangible perks. Backers want to know what’s in it for them. If you offer perks that pique their excitement – it will make a donor more freely donate.

Make sure your perks are in line with what you ask. Consider why a complete stranger would give you $25, $100 or thousands of dollars or for your project. They may like your project, but they also like the other hundreds of projects that want funding. If you want a donor to donate something beyond $1, $5, or $10 then throw in some nice perks.

Build a tribe who will donate and spread the word.
A tribe is your first team of supporters, usually family and friends, who will donate and spread the word about your campaign. Campaigns that have a team of supporters when they launch accelerate more rapidly. The algorithm on most campaign sites takes into account how many comments and social shares the page has, how many times the author uses the page to communicate, how often they update the page, and if the project is attracting funding. These factors determine whether a project is featured on the homepage, in newsletters and in other promotional materials of the crowdfunding site.

Get assistance.
There are a lot of components and moving parts to a campaign. Know what you can do and what you can’t. Whatever you do, don’t half-step. Get assistance, and I can help. Get in touch with me using the contact form – or for a quick response email me at

If you don’t launch, you can’t land on a successfully funded campaign.

Read my short guide on crowdfunding

Contact me with any crowdfunding questions you have fbk@fbkwrites.   You can also get my crowdfunding book which provides additional helpful tips.


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Happy campaigning!