The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Online (SKILLSHARE)

By September 20, 2016Skillshare classes

**See this important post on Skillshare changing their payment model in 2017**

Since I completed the May Skillshare Teach Challenge and launched my first Skillshare class in June of 2016, I had what some consider  instant success.  My income from selling online video courses (Skillshare classes)  jumped from $200 to the below amount  in a short period of time doing part-time stuff.




In this post I’ll share the pros and cons of teaching on Skillshare. I’ll also share my Fasttrack guide to creating a successful Skillshare class.  Most of the tips shared aren’t rocket science, some of them are easy as pie to incorporate.

But let’s face it the really good tips take time to implement.

There’s good news!

If you invest a bit of time incorporating  the tips into your class it can potentially become the gift that keeps on giving bringing you students and cash long after you hit the publish button.


Make your bio picture interesting.    Use a clear picture that represents your teaching style. Is your teaching style playful, light-hearted or straight forward and direct?  Whatever the case let it represent you.

Cassie is a Skillshare teacher and she has a great bio pix.



Give your bio tagline a little swag. I occasionally use –

FBK,  Skillshare Teacher Extraordinaire


Use your class discussion area like  a blog post and engage students.  I use the area to spark lively conversations.  You can also use the area to promote a new or existing class.



If class enrollments are slow or if they slow down, change the class cover. This usually sparks the interest of new people who will enroll in your class.


Many classes can technically fit into more than one category. Don’t be foolish and put your technology class in the cooking category. However, if your class fits into a different and less competitive category, consider moving it.


You can use 5 tags to help students discover your Skillshare class. Use each and every one of them.  Also, don’t be repetitive and waste a class tag.

For instance, if your class has the words “Passive Income” in the class title, don’t make one of your tags those words because to do so is repetitive. Choose a different words like “Residual Income”.


Skillshare run lots of challenges. I came to Skillshare via the MAY TEACH CHALLENGE.   Skillshare reports that teachers that come via a Teach Challenge earn 25% more money.


Skillshare runs many contests which are slightly different than challenges. Not only are the prizes cool, they provide an opportunity for your class to get more exposure via their blog and newsletter.   I won a mini contest and received a $25 Amazon Gift Card.



Your class description is like one of your online class sales people.  Skillshare recommends that you write a short & sweet class description. Use keywords and bullet points.  Tell why a student should take your class and what they will learn.


I went to a neighborhood flea market and recruited people.  I signed up a couple of arts & craft people. When you recruit people to the platform you increase your earnings via referral bonuses.

FACEBOOK (Groups 1) Skillshare

There are over 8 Facebook Groups where you can share free coupon links to your Skillshare class and quickly enroll 25 students so that your class  will trend and you will be eligible for the partner program.

FACEBOOK (Groups 2) Your Target Audience

Identify 7-10 Facebook groups where people who are your target audience hang out. These type of groups usually do not allow you to promote anything, but there’s never any shortage of good information shared to help you learn and make cyber friends who can give you tips on how to promote and sell your online classes.


Same tips apply that you would use when sharing your class link in Facebook groups or when making cyber friends


You don’t want  to give away the cow unless they won’t buy the milk, but be sure to create some free Skillshare class links for those who aren’t quite ready to become a premium Skillshare member. You can include the following  message at the end of your class description. mariya_p_strategy


They ask you to buy girl scout cookies, don’t they?    If you want to know who they are and also what “girl scout cookie guilt” is, you’ll have to check out this class

Email me for a Free coupon to the above class if your are not a premium member.


This is a TOP strategy for promoting your Skillshare class.

When you consistently make an effort to generate good will by providing your target market with free content that is valuable – what you put out will come back to you.  Put out good energy, get it back.

It takes goo gobs of time to generate good will because it requires you to interact with your students, reply to comments, keep them engaged, etc.

But your return on investiment (ROI( will be will worth it.


Of all the strategies mentioned, this is one I haven’t used. But I’ve seen others do it to promote their class and they’ve had great success.


Keywords used in your class description help people discover your class. Be sure to use the right keywords.


Put a marketing plan in place before you launch each and every class.  This is crucial. It does not have to be a bad plan, but a plan no less.   For instance, a plan might include creating a series of well-written tweets that you will share before, during and after your class launches.

For an example of a tweet, sheet see the project in this class.

Email me for a Free coupon to the above class if your are not a premium member.


In case you don’t know a meme (pronounced with a long “e” sound meem) is an image usually of a person or animal, usually humorous with a funny or witty caption that is copied, shared and sometimes goes viral.

Because you have the option to put images on your class discussions, descriptions, and on social media, you might consider using a funny meme to promote your class.


If somethin’ ain’t workin’   Pivot.

For instance if you are teaching a cooking class and it does not take off, try something different.

Premium Member 

Some teachers on Skillshare aren’t premium members, and this is allowed.  Premium members and students have a yellow star by their name.

Teachers who come to Skillshare via the Teach Challenge are awarded prizes.  One of the prizes is a one-year Skillshare membership, therefore I see the benefits of becoming a premium member.

I’m confident that being a premium member has played a part in my success on Skillshare.

Email me for a Free coupon to the above class if your are not a premium member.


Kindly ask each of your students to complete a project.  Not only will it help your class trend, it will help your student succeed as projects are designed to help students take action.

Sales Video

Your intro video is another one of your marketing sales people. Keep it under 2 minutes make it interesting.

Salesy & Spammy

Stop it. Everyone dislikes salesy and spammy promotion tactics.

Do you teach online and will you create a class on Skillshare?  Do tell in the comment section below.