Top 3 things I learned completing the Skillshare Teach Challenge

I completed the Skillshare Teach Challenge, and I’m celebrating.

Woo Hoo!

My first class launched on Skillshare in June of 2016 and below are my earnings.



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For those of you who don’t know, Skillshare is an online learning community for creators and makers; that offers over 10,000 classes on-demand learning in a wide variety of subject areas.

Whether you’re looking to improve your business skills, create a culinary masterpiece, increase productivity, or learn calligraphy, there are lots of classes for which you can take.

Anyone can take or teach classes. Skillshare has free and paid classes.   Presently, Skillshare is offering 3 months for 99 cents or you can opt for Skillshare free trial.


Here is a sampling of courses created in the May Teach Challenge


Darlene  Del Castillo  (June Teach Challenge) She teaches awesome classes on Creating Websites

May Teach Challenge Below

Sebastiaan Destellirer, Quick Photo Restoration (Special Shout Out to Sebastiaan for being so helpful!)

Katie Glenn,  Character Concept Art

Ricky Wahowa, Digital Artist, Web design skills

Sharon Lemay, Fun! Flow Painting & Meditation

Brandy Folse,  Photography Templates:  Easy Customization Using Photoshop

Nancy Ward, Freezer Meals

Katerina Deem, Basic Digital Illustration:  Draw flowers without the pen tool!

Niklas Oberfeld,  Woodcut printing – your own negative color print postcards

Lille Diane, Boho Style Window Bling – In Under An Hour!

Jenn Taft, Jewelry Craft: Create Your Own Knot Necklace

Caro Laina, Sewn Notebooks – Design Your Own Source of Inspiration

Lindsey Slutz, Surface Pattern Designer

Donalee Kennedy, Art and Artist, Quilter, Surface Pattern Designer

Anna Puchalski, Calligraphy

Kim C,  Hand-Lettering

Cynthia Crafter, Personal Finance and Investing Blogger

Aaron Draplin, Graphic Designer

Franki B. Kidd (FBK, yours truly) , WRITE A BOOK (chapter).

The above instructors are who I had the pleasure of networking.

There were  400 + project courses created in the May Teach Challenge.  


Render a 3d house model (not sure what this is)

21st Century Success Formula

Sports Logo: Updating design process

Yoga for Desktop Warriors

Calligraphy Fonts

And many more projects with the majority (it seems) heavily focused on teaching how to make calligraphy and  creative crafts for art & artists

I wish I could have networked with more instructors. However, time flew.

TOP things I learned creating my course

There is no such thing as perfection

There comes a point when you just have to hit publish and rejoice in the fact that you completed the challenge.  You can revise and update your course as often as you like after it’s published.

There are “really” TWO (2) challenges

UPDATE: 2017   You are no longer required to get 25 students. 

When you complete the challenge of creating your online course, the unofficial second challenge begins.  To ensure your success on Skillshare, you are encouraged to market your class to a minimum of 25, family, friends, and followers, so that your class will be more likely to appear on the trending page where it will be discovered by the over 1.5 million students.

All “NEW” classes with at least 25 students (preferably more) during their first two weeks of release are given a slight bump in their point system score.

The more enrollments, projects, and thumbs up reviews your project receives in the first two weeks, the higher your class will trend and attract more students.

Can you guess what happens to classes they don’t reach the Magic #25? They die a slow death. OK, that’s being mean, but the chances of them succeeding is not great, and that’s being truthful.

Below is the Skillshare point system

  • Free Enrollment: 0-1 point
  • Premium Enrollment: 2 points
  • Project Created: 10 points
  • Positive Review: 10 points
  • Negative Review: -10 points

NO WORRIES, the above may appear more complicated than it is to comprehend and it’s really easy as pie, you’ll see.  Update 12/8 Skillshare continues to play around with algorithms.

(Update 12/8 Skillshare continues to tinker with algorithms as to how points are distributed)

Make friends with Skillshare instructors and fellow Teach challengers

UPDATE: 2017  This is still a good idea.  However, make friends in the Skillshare Facebook Groups.

You are going to need them when you are in a pinch. We all know how important networking is to all aspects of our life, and it’s no different on Skillshare.

When unexpected things happen that temporarily halt your course creation, when you can’t figure out something on the site,  you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’ve networked on the site.

We were encouraged as Teach Challengers to provide feedback on other projects, but it wasn’t always easy to do so while participating in the challenge.

Still I and a lot of others managed to do it, and it felt wonderful to both give and receive help.

Skillshare discourages using discussion boards and other teacher’s projects as a tactic for marketing your Skillshare classes

Have you considered teaching on Skillshare or some other site like Udemy, why or why not?

Interesting facts about teachers who publish through the Skillshare Teach Challenge

  •  They get about 25 % more students in their classes and generally earn more money
  • There is a cash bonus and FREE Premium Membership to those who complete the Teach Challenge
  • Some of the most successful teachers on Skillshare completed a Teach Challenge
  • The Teach Challenge consist of a series of easy to meet deadlines sent through email



Franki B. Kidd (I love being a Work at Home Rebel)


Is Skillshare worth it?  You bet!

How much can you earn on Skillshare?  Read here to find out.

**Important Skillshare payment model 2017 update**