Why everyone should write a book

Why every “Conscious” woman should write a book


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Who should write a book, you should write a book!?

I think everyone (and not just  “Conscious Women”) should write at least one book. Writing a book is not what it used to be when there were insurmountable barriers which made it impossible for both average and amazing people to write and publish a book.

These days you don’t need a publisher.  Readers don’t care if you have Random House on the back cover.  Heck, you don’t even need a back cover if you publish an eBook.

In a very short period, you can write and publish a high-quality book,  which can bring income and opportunities to your life or business.   It can land you clients, get you speaking engagements, evangelize your social cause, leave a legacy to your family and friends, improve a life, touch an entire community, or bring value to the entire world. The hobbyist can teach people how to do something.

That’s a whole lot of goodness.

Still not convinced?  Here are more reasons that I encourage you to write a book.

1: You Matter

Your life experiences give you a voice that is unique.  When you share that voice with the world, you define who you are.  You declare that you matter.  There is power in the written word.  I love this quote, “Words are powerful, they deserve a great deal of respect, if you get the right words in the correct order, you can change the world for the better.”  “You can let your voice be heard.” “You can declare that you matter.”  You can (fill in the blank).

I don’t know who the author of the original quote is.   I’ve seen it written a variety of different ways and attributed to anonymous and or various people. Over the years, I’ve added and taken words away from it.

I love arranging words in a manner that matters to me.

Put what matters to you in a book.

2: To Heal

Author Iyanla Vanzant says, “When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you, and your story will heal somebody else.

Whew! That’s powerful.

We are living in emotionally troubling times that appear magnified by the 24-7 news cycle.

Negative news beats on our emotional health, writing about troubling issues is a way to release.  It’s a way to contribute your voice to the conversation.  It’s a way to heal.

Put your healing in a book. Help yourself.  Help others. Love for everyone!

3: You will no longer be in Search of Your Mother’s Gardens

I cried like young Celie in the Color Purple when she was separated from her sister when I read certain parts of Alice Walker’s, In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, many years ago in college.

Do not die without showing how marvelous and priceless you are.  There are many ways to do that including writing a book.

Whether you realize it or not, you are an expert about something. Put your knowledge or skill in a book and help someone else. Can you burn in the kitchen?  Do you know how to lose your gut, but keep your butt?

Is there an untold story about someone great that needs sharing?  Do you have a character in your head for a novel which is pounding to get out?  Release your creativity by writing a nonfiction or fiction book.

4: It’s Life Changing

Whether you have a Ph.D., an associate’s degree, three college credits, a GED or you are like my grandmother who just had an 8th-grade education, writing a book will teach you so many things about yourself.  You can’t imagine what you don’t know until you birth a book.

I write nonfiction,  mostly eBooks of 25 -60 thousand words or less on many different topics, and each one makes me feel as if I’m giving birth to triplets.

The writing educates, challenges, and liberates me.  It also frees me. I guarantee if you write a book you will be a better person after having done so.

You are already amazing, why not be amazing x’s 10 and write a book.

5: You will leave a Legacy! 

Writing a memoir, biography, spiritual or inspirational book is the perfect gift to leave.  In my case, I wrote a self-help book about the lessons taught to me by my beloved grandmother who was a devout Christian.  She did not drink but would give it to you straight with no chaser.

I also share lessons taught to me by my diverse groups of sister-friends because each of these women made and are or making the dash between their birth and death stand for something wonderful, and I wanted to share that message with the world.

I am so glad that relatives that I will never meet will get to know their great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother and people.  I’m also happy people who I’ll never meet will get to know my beloved grandmother who my family affectionately called, Grandmabea, through my book.

Whether you dream of becoming a bestselling author and sitting on Oprah’s couch, or you simply want to publish to give a few copies to family and friends, writing a book will let you accomplish all of that and more.

If you do not tell your story, who will?

Want more, still asking – How can I write a book?

Write it down.  Make it happen.

Have you ever thought about writing a book, and if so what would be the topic? Got a questions about book writing?  fbk@fbkwrites.com