How do you Write a Book? Udemy Course (coming soon!)

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Udemy online courses coming JUNE 2016

If you’ve been telling yourself for some time now, “I want to write a book,” this upcoming Udemy course will be perfect for you. This course will show you how to create a basic outline and beyond to a high-quality book draft.


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Snapshot of Udemy Course

Do you have notes for a NONFICTION book stuck in a drawer, a notebook, on nonfiction software, on index cards, on sticky notes, in your brain, in a mind map, in the atmosphere?

Wherever these notes, words ideas may be stuck such as on your lips or on the (ewwww) earlobes of people who you’ve been telling FOREVER that you are writing a nonfiction book – wherever you’ve got this stuff stuck it’s not going to stop nagging at you until you set it free.


A book can bring income and opportunities to your life, business or  entrepreneur endeavors.   It can land you clients, get you speaking engagements, evangelize your social cause; hobbyist can teach people how to do something, leave a legacy to your family and friends, improve a life, touch an entire community, or bring value to the entire world?

That’s a whole lot of goodness.


A short time ago, the ability to write and publish a book was bleeping hard.   But there’s a new writing and publishing universe where if you create value and share generously what you know, the universe rewards you emotionally and financially.


Why no book?    Time? Fear?   No- know how? Afraid you don’t have the talent?   You do!

The instructor of this course is a talented author, top-rated ghostwriter, and book consultant who has helped hundreds of people organize and write their books.   The books she’s been involved with have become best sellers and hot new releases in their categories.

In this course she’ll show you the best way – a fun way –  to start writing your book.

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