Writers and Entrepreneurs learn to use the “B” word

By January 13, 2015Book Marketing

swiss chocolate

Would you do it?

I work as a ghostwriter for a couple of online and sites independently.  A great thing I like about the sites is that I occasionally barter services.  I might ghostwrite a blog post or chapter for someone if they do some work for me: websites, make me a banner, keyword research, or anything else that can’t or don’t feel like doing.

(Update: Stay away from working through 3rd site platforms/Middle man). 

Now comes a gentleman from Switzerland.  He’s written a book and says it needs to be revised. He just completed law school so the book shouldn’t be poorly written, maybe just needs some revising here and there.

This guy has access so he claims to, “the finest Swiss chocolate.”  I told him I would consider revising his material for cho-co- late.  Only the finest, of course.

He didn’t ask me for this trade, I asked him.  Obviously he would still have to pay me but I’d give him a big discount if he shipped me some fine chocolate.

Valentine ’s Day is coming up and I’d like to give some away.

For the record, I often barter services and think that unless you are a filthy rich writer or entrepreneur who has more money than time – you should barter too.

Would you do it?  Would you revise material in exchange for expensive chocolate?

Do you or would you barter services?

Do tell in the comments section below.