A Room (Or Kindle) Without Books Is Like A Body Without a Soul

Discover steps to outlining using “thick paragraphs” method which feels like your book is writing itself
Ways to make your outline unique. Book includes: Fifty (50) outlines. 2018

Struggling to start your Nonfiction Book? Do you wish there was a simple outlining process that is more closely aligned with the Nonfiction Book Writing process? 2017.

10 days from now, you can have a Fast First Draft of a Nonfiction Book using the easy breezy steps. Answer (4) questions. Create an Outline Template. Brainstorm and Research using (9) Nine powerful tips.

Discover steps to outlining using “thick paragraphs” method.  Create an outline draft in one hour.
This book, Includes: Thirty Seven (37) outlines. 2019.


You don’t have to be a Black Woman to read this Self-Help book that gives it to you Straight with NO chaser. Sistah-Friends (and Men) of all Hues Welcome. The release date for this book is FEBRUARY 2019.

Book cover was created based off popular blog posts. Run with dog blog post. 

Frankie Johnnie is one of several pen names used by Franki.
She writes books about writing, self-publishing, entrepreneurship, adventure and self-discovery.  Her goal is to help you discover your purpose, and mission – the “WHY” for wanting to write your book and living a life full with purpose.


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