Happy New Year Writers Resolutions for Writers

By December 31, 2015Uncategorized


I was ready to write this big – BIG ROCKIN’ – blog post suggesting New Year’s resolutions for writers to help them achieve writing goals.

Since I’ve accomplished a few writing goals in the past year, I figure I’m qualified to give advice and share my accomplishments.  (Yay me!  I wrote a rockin’ nonfiction outline template book )

My list was going to be massive because the bigger, the better, right? I was having problems starting the list because…. wait for it.

I couldn’t stop checking stuff on the internet.

How many have liked my Facebook post, shared my tweet? How many books have I sold? (link here)

I was going to start the list but first a quick check of the daily visitor totals to my website.  Did anyone leave any comments?

I was going to start the list but first I had to check my email accounts for the umpteenth time. Certainly, offers have started pouring in for me to write a guest blog post or be interviewed by someone on HARO (Help a reporter out).

Instead of writing, I’m checking things.  Yes, I was able to accomplish several writing goals like completing my nonfiction outline book that helps writer’s outline.

But, bet I could have gotten a lot more accomplished if I didn’t keep checking (waiting) on something to happen, instead of making more things happen.

It occurred to me. That’s it. That’s the best piece of advice I can give writers. Stop checking to see if it’s happened, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Make it happen. Make it happen. Make it happen.

So, off I go to make something happen. But first a quick check to see how many eBooks, I’ve sold.


Happy New Year writers!  Make it happen in #2016

Please share and tweet this post if you plan to make it happen in 2016! And do share in the comments below what writing goals you will make happen.