I’m a Nonfiction Book Writing Expert who has worked on over 700 Nonfiction Books on one international freelancing site, and hundreds more writing projects elsewhere.  I’ve taught over 9,000 students online.    How can I help you?fbk@fbkwrites.com

Book Consultation

You want to write a Nonfiction Book to share your gripping story, teach people how to do something, grow your business, evangelize your cause, leave a legacy to your family and friends, to earn passive income, position yourself as an authority – whatever the case you don’t know where to begin.

Each project is unique, whether it is an idea, outline, research, bits and pieces of writing or a completed manuscript, if you’ve got QUESTIONS, I’ve got ANSWERS.    Do you need a quote or advice?  Would you like me to look at something you have written or discuss something you plan to write or have ghostwritten?  Something else?


Developmental editing (sometimes called substantive, structural, or comprehensive editing) is an evaluation of a book chapter or a manuscript.    This Includes:    Flow (Pace): Have you gone off on a writing tangent or included too much unnecessary detail? Organization:  Is information organized logically?  Do entire paragraphs need to be moved or cut so that there is a natural flow of material.   Exposition:  Do you make a coherent argument, is material clearly explained?   Tone (Level):  Is tone consistent? Are the terms used easy for your target audience to understand? Is your writing stiff?  Have you used too much industry jargon?   I will read your material and provide notes for you to revise.   

This service is NOT copy editing and does not include corrections of grammar or spelling errors.

This classic book kickstarts the outlining journey



I will research and outline your Nonfiction Book. Sometimes the hardest part of writing is doing research and getting organized. I will write a nonfiction outline that makes it possible to write your book easier and much faster.  With this service, you will receive a comprehensive outline to produce a book that is full of quality content.  To get started I will send out a questionnaire so that I can learn more about your project and capture your vision.



With a basic book idea, outline, and availability for questions and clarification, I will ghostwrite a high-quality book to meet your goals.   If you don’t have an outline, I can create one for you or show you how to do it.  I write books for the new writing and publishing universe.  This is the universe you must understand to write a book in today’s times.

The new writing and publishing universe simply means modern times.  People read differently these days.  We read eBooks and shorter nonfiction paperback books.  We read books on electronic devices like iPads, Kindles, laptops and smartphones.

If people read differently, you have to write differently. I specialize in writing top quality eBooks and web (PDF) books.


I’d like to work with you to create SEO keyword- rich content for your website, social media page, or to announce your latest news.  I also write book, products or business descriptions and bios.



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