Why Every VanDweller YouTuber Should Write a Book

Youtubers who are VanDwellers should write a book about how to live in a van. And not just that, or I should say not only that,  but your book could be about your journey or mission. It’s your opportunity to tell subscribers stories they’ve never heard before. Call it your Youtuber book!

Your journey isn’t only about how many miles you’ve traveled living in a van. Your mission isn’t how to stay warm with a buddy heater.  I’ve been watching best vans to live in videos on YouTube and I’m hooked. I’ve got a lot of love for that van life #vanlife because I was once a CarDweller.  It was a situation I chose many moons ago, in order to pursue my writing dreams.  I’m a creative free spirit who never could color inside the lines.


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Whatever name you go by: traveler, nomad, digital nomad, rubber tramps, or HOUSEless, you ought to write and self-publish a book about boondocking and living in a van, and then share it with your thousands of subscribers.  I feel your resistance coming on but hear me out, first.

Side Note: This post is geared towards VanDweller YouTubers, However, whatever your YouTube channel is about; if you’ve got thousands of subscribers – you’ll learn from this post why you  too should write a book. Yes, I know Bob Wells of Clean RV Living and a couple of others have books.  However, your book will be different, totally different, from your perspective, and it does not only need be about van life. 

Why Self-Publish a Book:

You should self-publish because you’ll make more money as opposed to traditional publishing. I know with VanDwellers it’s not about the money per se, and more about the lifestyle and the freedom.

That’s great because you probably won’t get financially rich publishing a book but you can earn  passive income for years to come.

Also,  your book will bring you a Van-ful of goodness like: help evangelize your cause or message. Your message might simply be Go After the Life You Want. Your book can share how to do something:  How to travel on a budget; How to be free from a 9-5, the possibilities are endless.  You could even teach The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*&#!.

Your book will leave a legacy to family, friends,  fans, and subscribers, long after you stop doing YouTube videos or vice versa. One day the algorithms may no longer show your content.  A book is something tangible.

Release the Resistance bouncing in your mind telling you that you aren’t a writer or can’t write worth (curse word).  Don’t worry because the indie community is very much like the VanDwelling community, somebody will always be there for you.  Furthermore, there are no cost and affordable ways to learn how to write and self-publish a high-quality book in a short period of time. You can always reach out to me with questions fbk@fbkwrites.com

Self-publishing vs. Traditional publishing

The purpose of this blog post is not to get off into indie vs. trad publishing, so I’m not going down that rabbit hole. But let me sum it up in one sentence for you, you won’t get a traditional (trad) deal.  In the” hit the lottery” like chance you do, you won’t make more money because you are in a niched down category (VanDwelling), and you don’t have millions of subscribers. End of Story.

Drumroll, please!  Here are the top 10 reasons for VanDwellers and YouTubers to write your book:

1)     Additional Revenue Stream

As a Vandweller and YouTuber you receive your income in multiple ways; From monetized YouTube videos, maybe you work seasonally, or digitally.  For the mature VanDwellers, you might receive retirement or social security income.  Whether a millennial, a mature traveler, or somewhere in between, we can all use more residual income streams.

My book earnings and the spinoffs bring me freelance clients, and the opportunity to teach on and offline.  I do not have a teaching degree. The multiple sites where  I teach, encourage creative classes.  You can teach a course on  #vanlife.

2)     You won’t have to eBeg

I heard the term “eBegging” from a video made by Bob Wells of Cheap rv living YouTube.  Bob is turning his RTR, Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, into a nonprofit to help strapped for cash VanDwellers.

YouTube VanDwellers who ask for support via Patreon or PayPal are sometimes criticized and even worse, they are attacked by viewers who refer to them as eBeggars. When I make a small donation to a content creator; I see it as a way to say thank you for the hours of free content shared.

You can shut your haters up by offering them a signed copy of your book if they become a Patreon, or a digital (eBook) or audio book if they donate via PayPal

A book becomes some cushion money during tougher times.

 3)     You have an audience

In the real world if the average Jane puts on an event and 100 people attend, that’s 100 ears listening.

If you have 1K, 15K, 50 or 100K subscribers and even more viewers, you’ve got the attention of a lot of people who will be thrilled to learn more about you or your life’s mission, by way of content, like a book, that dives a bit deeper.

Instead of a viewer having to search through out of order videos to learn your journey; the book is a coherent piece of content in one place.

Remember your book could be audio and the best thing since sliced bread, while your subscriber listens to it on a long road trip.

4)     Choose from Simple  Book Structures

You might not want viewers to know about your life from A to Z, some YouTubers do and some don’t. VanDwellers can write their own book using an easy book structure.

Maybe you only want to share your living in a van story. That would be a memoir/big event. A memoir does not tell your life from A to Z and instead gives a slice of your life.

If you’d prefer, the book could focus on your way of thinking as opposed to your life.  You could write an essay or self-help book. If you want to teach people what you know, write a how-to book.  How to eat Vegan. How to Build Solar Roofs.  How to create crafts.  How to travel on a budget in a van. The list of possibilities are endless.

5)     VanDwellers Travelers have Amazing Adventure Stories

I’ve been following several VanDwellers.  I especially like when they take me off the beaten path, not somewhere dangerous, but somewhere exciting or someplace that I may never go. It’s exciting to live vicariously through them.

Write a book and share your interesting travels, expanding upon what you have touched on in your vlogs.

6)     Videos Can Become Chapters in Your Book

Whether you know it or not VanDweller & Youtubers already have content to include in a book. The stories you’ve shared in videos can be transcribed to make chapters. It’s called repurposing content. Your book can be finished in a few weeks in the New Writing and Digital Publishing universe.

7)     Writing Helps Heal

Author Iyanla Vanzant says, “When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you, and your story will heal somebody else.” You probably know that you are helping thousands of people by sharing your journey of travel. Nature & Freedom has healing components.  Some people are lonely, ill, friendless, and you become a friend to them through video and also a book.

8) Writing Is Life Changing

You think nature, and travelling is healing, life-changing and liberating. Just wait until you write a book.

Whether you have a Ph.D., an associate’s degree, two college credits, a GED, or you dropped out –you can write a transformational book. I know it’s possible because I’ve viewed powerful storytelling videos that need to be captured in words.  My grandmother had an 8th grade education and she wrote very well.  Forget about grammar, typos, and spelling because an editor can fix that stuff.

9) Put Free time to Good Use

Whether you purposely decided to live in your van, or you were forced to, many VanDwellers share that minimalist living frees up their time to do things like volunteer and travel. It can also free up writing time.

10)  Set Yourself apart from other VanDwellers and YouTubers

According to my personal survey and national ones too, everybody wants to write a book.  But not everybody will.  If you do, you set yourself apart from the pack, and also you’ll be listening to your subscribers who keep telling you, “You should write a book.”


When YouTube suggest a VanDwellers video, you get their latest or most popular video and not the one that tells where the YouTuber’s journey began. A viewer might subscribe, and or search the YouTube catalog, but even still they want more.  A book allows a fan a look at your life or your perspective on life,  from a different angle. It allows them an additional way to have access to you, and they will gladly pay for your book.

I prefer writing my books and putting them on Amazon KDP. You might prefer to speak your book into your phone or a recorder and have a book on AUDIBLE.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Just write your book already because your subscribers are waiting to read or listen to it.

I’m looking to hit the road and hang out with the #vanlife community.  Where should I go next? Have you ever thought about writing a book about VanDwelling?  Got some questions about book writing?



What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) books written by a YouTube star? Are you anxious to read a YouTube book by your favorite Youtuber? Do tell in the comments!