Will it Fly Book Review (Pat Flynn is so white!)

By January 31, 2016Book Review

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It is the loveliest of Saturday afternoons,  and now evening, and now cloudy Sunday afternoon.  I’m in Ohio where the weather can be unpredictable this time of year and usually downright cold & nasty. But today the weather is perfect. 

Even if I hadn’t decided to use the day to finish reading Pat Flynn’s new book, it’s highly unlikely that I could see myself spending the day doing anything but working towards building my eBook and eCourses empire.

But I have to take a break from “Me” entrepreneurial things and read and review the book since I’m a part of the official book launch team.  The book will be released on February 1, 2016.  Just in time for Valentine’s day and oh what a sweet gift it is to entrepreneurs.

The book launch team received an early first chapter draft of Pat’s book  and I was nervous because the chapter needed tweaking and our team was giving dumb feedback that was not helpful to Pat.

A few weeks later we received the complete (almost final draft) see my review below.  We might have received the final, final, draft. But someone how I accidentally unsubscribed to the book launch team email list.  I so wish that @DanielDecker would put me back on the list   fbk@fbkwrites.com

I’ve only been able to figure out what’s next in our by reading threads in our Facebook group.

PAT FLYNN IS SO WHITE (IJK – I’m just kidding!)

Actually, I think Pat Flynn is Filipino and he was born in the United states.  I think.  He is a highly successful entrepreneur known for his podcast Smart Passive income. But his target audience is rich-bitch (some wanna be) millennial white males who have an expert understanding of technology.

As a 40 plus-year-old black woman. I’m not really his target audience.  But I still roll with Pat and his Smart Passive Income podcast.


I’m a Smart Passive income, Pat Flynn fan.

As an eBook writer and entrepreneur, I’ve been listening to his business podcast for a couple of years.  I have a degree in English Lit and completed film school, but Pat gave me my MBA in business.   I swear to God,  and I’m not exaggerating that Pat’s podcast shows have given me a 100,000 worth of education (if not more).

So even though I’m indebted to Pat, below is an honest review of his new book Will It Fly?


In the book, Pat’s authentic voice rings loud and clear.  Pat’s autobiography reads, Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses.

Hold up. I usually only refer to my sons as beloved.  But if I had to give that title to anyone else it would be Pat Flynn.   He is so fking likable.

Every chapter in the book is good, but Pat fking nails it in chapter 6 in which he shares a funny story about business cards and essentially putting the cart before the horse. So many entrepreneurs including myself do this.  In some cases, it can be used as a motivational tool, and in some cases, it’s a big waste of time.

Chapter 8 is another good chapter.  The Pat Flynn boss story is F-u-n-n-y.  There is an important lesson about being concise and conveying information in one sentence.  I write emails that read like books – it’s too much.  Read this chapter and learn to be concise.

Chapter 9 gives a great way to validate your idea.  It wasn’t something that was new to me, but it was a refresher and will be helpful to entrepreneurs.

Chapter 11 discusses true fans.  Do you know who your true fans are?  You should, this chapter nails it.  I remember when I first read the true fans article, and how it changed my life.

I know all about true fans, and working on getting more of them.  This chapter nails it.

Probably the best two chapters in the book for information is chapters 12 and 13.  These chapters will overwhelm my friends who aren’t internet and software programs savvy.  But if you do even a few of the exercises in the chapter you will be ahead of the entrepreneur game.  I’m not very tech savvy, and I hate homework, so the chapters overwhelmed me.  But I did some of the research, and I can see how it puts you ahead of the game.

 Chapter 17 very helpful.


Some parts of the book required readers to do homework. I’m not a big homework girl, so I passed on most of the homework exercises. Although, I did do the goal setting exercise and even asked my millennial son to do it.  He politely declined.  Mom, my drill sergeant, had us do that already.  

There was a lot of promotion and name-dropping throughout the book. Pat’s got friends in high places.  I understand that’s the way you succeed as an entrepreneur, mention somebody and they, in turn, mention and promote you.  But a few times it felt like a bit much.

Chapter 7 didn’t do anything for me because been there and done that know all about mind maps but if you need to flesh out your idea, it’s a good chapter

Chapter 10, huh, incomplete?   Chapter 15,  huh incomplete?  Again, I somehow unsubscribed to the email list and will be able to read these full chapters with the book I purchased.


I’ve already had my cherry popped. I’m not a virgin entrepreneur. Also, I  listen to Pat’s SPI podcast. So the many references to past podcast episodes didn’t present anything new.   Chapter 2, the airport chapter was long, errrrh.  Sorry Pat.  Same with Chapter 3 (history test).  I was pulling on my afro.


There is a lot of useful information in the book that now that I’ve purchased a copy (remember the first copy was complimentary as part of book launch team, that I’m going to re-read.

Pat Flynn writes in an authentic voice, and you can feel how much he cares about entrepreneurs.

Get this book and start listening to the Smart Income podcast.  It is the best investment you could ever make in entrepreneurial education.


Did you or will you buy the book?  What did you think of it?


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